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Peru Travel Guide

It's nothing but pure cultural and sensory bliss for anyone who plans to Peru. If you are planning your itinerary, best to read on and be equipped with these travel bits and tips. Peru is located on the western side part of the South American continent. They have one major airport which is the Jorge Chávez International Airport. It's located in the heart of the country, Lima City. There are smaller airports within Peru, but it's recommended to land in Lima city since they are served by more airlines and flights are more frequent as well. They are also Peru's largest and well equipped airport. To get around the country, you can opt to book for internal flights, rent-a-car, hail a taxicab or even ride a bus or a train.

The weather varies greatly within the country and it depends on which part of Peru you will be visiting and the elevation of the place. The peak tourist season is during June to August where in the climate is ideal for a pleasurable vacation. You can still visit whichever month you fancy, but on some days of December to March, the muddy proposition might be endangering your hiking trip to the Incas, so it's better to take this into consideration.

If you like to visit when you can witness major festivities in display, take note of the following year long fiestas. Since the majority of Peruvians are Catholics, they celebrate various religious occasions such as the Virgen de la Candelaria music and dance celebrations during the 2nd of February, Carnaval water flights and highland fiestas which usually start before Lent, the Semana Santa is another spectacular pageantry of their rich culture and the El Señor de los Milagros religious processions, which is bedecked in purple plus bullfights, is celebrated on the 18th of October.

Not limited to their Hispanic customs, they harmoniously thrive to preserve their Amerindian heritage by observing the Q'oyoriti during the months of May or June. It is a time for Andean mountain worship and spiritual pilgrimages. They also celebrate the Inti Raymi which is an ancient Inca festival of the sun held during the 24th of June, the Puno Week starts every 5th of November and it is touted as one of Americas' best folkloric celebrations and it is also notably enjoyable to witness the Feast of Santa Rosa de Lima which honors the patron saint of the Americas every 30th of August.

But if you are after Peru's mystical archeological sites, astonishing natural rainforests or tropical mountains among others, then take note of the most suitable time to visit. You can trek to Machu Picchu (which means Old Mountain) to visit the deservedly world famous trails to the ancient Inca ruins. You can also join the hike to the Ausangate Circuit. This involves six days of high altitude trekking alongside alpacas. And if you are one of them hardcore outdoor junkie, you can even join the mountaineering around Huaraz which is where Peru's highest peak can be found. Huascaran is measured to be around 6768m.

After all those activities lined up and waiting for you to try them and with the right amount of wanderlust or dare surely, you will have your coveted travel affair with one of the world's most renowned travel destination.


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