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Paraguay Travel Guide

Situated between the three beautiful countries in South America, Paraguay is the perfect epitome of South American wilderness. It has vast natural attractions including the landscapes, history and culture. This used to be an empty quarter and thought of as a place that has nothing to offer for visitors and travellers. Until they realized that the country's geographical wealth can be its greatest asset.

Throughout the year, Paraguay's weather constantly changes its subtropical temperature. During the months of December till March, it can be very humid in Paraguay although rainfalls are inevitable the whole year round. Even if Paraguay can be quite cold during June to September, it is still advisable to bring clothes that are lightweight and just a few clothes that would make you feel cozy and warm during the night.

Paraguay is a perfect combination of a barely touched paradise and architectural diversity. Start your Paraguay-exploration in the capital city of Asuncion. Here you will find the plazas and parks built during the Spanish colonial epoch. There is also a botanical garden filled with amazing variations of flowers, small zoo and a golf-course. The former residence of the most prominent family in Paraguay, the Lopez family, has now been converted into library and museum where you can find tons of artefacts about the history of Paraguay.

A trip to Paraguay can never be complete without visiting the scenic spot located in the borders of Argentina and Brazil. The Iguaza Falls is the country's main attraction. It is shaped like a horseshoe and one of the most notable falls in the whole world. This is even taller than the great Niagara Falls and is recognized by the UNESCO as one of the world's natural heritage site.

There are also some group tours with rare itineraries that would take you to the unspoiled hidden parts of Paraguay where you can fill your eyes with the magnificence of nature and dramatic landscapes as well as distinct species of birds and plants.

As for the country's national specialties, there is a vast array of restaurants that serves authentic local cuisines especially in the city of Asuncion. Don't forget to taste their corn-flavored bread served with egg and cheese called Chipas and their Surubi dish - a cuisine made out of Surubi fish that can only be found in Parana. As for the drinks, they do not restrict alcoholic beverages, but it is best to try a sip or two or their famous Cana and Mosto. Both drinks are made from sugar cane. Don't also let a Paraguay trip pass without tasting their special tea made from the leaves of Yerba Mate.

For those who love to spend their money buying little trinkets that would remind you of Paraguay, the shopping capital of this country is located in the streets of Asuncion called Calle Palma. Bring home a few Nanduti laces handcrafted by the female locals of Atagua. There is also a wide variety of handicrafts made from wood, Aopoi shirts, silver Yerba Mate cups and leather goods. You can exchange your dollars from hotels and other big establishments.


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