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Chile Travel Guide

Chile is a nation of vast scenic landscapes and beauty, of wonderful contrast and marvelous frontiers ranging from the Lake District, untouched rain forest to its towering and symbolical volcanic peaks of the world famous Andes mountain region. There are a lot of places to visit and things to do when you visit Chile. It is among the best destinations in the whole world and definitely one of the finest in the whole of South America. Oceans, deserts, mountains, lakes, valleys, flatland and even its modern and urban cities all offers a rare glimpse of paradise for vacation seekers searching for that perfect place on Earth to relax and enjoy a great experience.

Here are some of the places and regions that every visitor should step foot on once they find themselves in Chile.
The Northern part of Chile stretches through a distance that exceeds 2,000 kilometers, known for its Atacama Desert, considered as among the driest places on Earth, the Andean plateau and its lagoons and volcanoes, the mining towns of Copiapo and Calama makes up an ideal traveling starting place for a unique trip. The San Pedro de Atacama is the most popular destination in this region, situated in the middle of the vast desert it is magically surrounded by lakes and steaming scenic geysers, flamingos and a one of a kind moon valley.

Considered as the heart and center of Chile's cultural and political life, the Central region is where almost a third of the total population of Chile lives and its famous city Santiago is located. This region expresses a Mediterranean feel brought on by its architecture and rich traditions. Skiing and hiking are among the popular activities, touring the regions many wine vineyards, enjoying the colorful nightlife and of course stepping into the house of Chile's most famous poet Pablo Neruda are among the things to do in this region.

Marvelous lakes, snow capped mountains and volcanoes, forests, romantic lake side villages all figures prominently in the Lake District. Every visitor should make a trip to the picturesque and ideal towns of Valdivia and Puerto Varas, enjoy the local cuisines, music and night life. The island of the nearby Chiloe also reckons visitors to enjoy its rain drenched and stunning green hills, surrounded by among the best architecture in the world.

Patagonia region represents the mythical and alluring southern part of Chile. It offers travelers a jaw dropping and inspiring wonders of its natural charm. Anybody can be attracted by its lush rain forests located on the Carretera Austral where glaciers also abound. Further down to south more mountain peaks will greet travelers and enchant them to enjoy the view from the top which usually presents the effects of being on the top of the world. Other nearby places in this region includes the Strait of Magellan and the Fireland group of Islands, the Beagle Channel and the Cape Horn.

These are just some of the charms of Chile aside from the friendly locals and great tasting local foods; every tourist is guaranteed a memorable traveling experience the moment they set foot on Chile.


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