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Brazil Travel Guide

The continent of South America has many to offer in terms of scenic spots and tourist must-sees. One country in particular that you need so spend at least a week or more is the Federative Republic of Brazil or Brazil, for short. You cannot miss it, as it is the largest nation in South America, occupying more than half of the continent. Brazil is deemed the 5th largest country in the world based on its geographical reach.

Several important facts that you need to know about Brazil is that it is a democratic country and the dominant religion being Catholicism. It boasts of enjoying a robust economy belonging to the top 10 worldwide as regards purchasing power. Portugal colonized this country for a long time hence its culture and official language, Portuguese, are rooted in this foreign influence. The residents therein have a high literacy rate, hitting almost the 90%.

Brazil offers tropical weather as climate changes offer little variations. This makes it a preferred tourist destination all year-round. Have fun roaming the streets in this country on your road to discovery. You should not be afraid to get lost and ask for directions from some of the local residents, as English is a commonly spoken language aside from Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Brazil will definitely attract sports fanatics specifically footballs enthusiasts. This country has made a name and reputation in the field of football, also called as soccer in some countries. This is not surprising since the national football team in Brazil is a winner many times over in the World Cup. The five wins it has registered in this event were in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. This phenomenal feat has made FIFA declare it as the best team in the world as of July 2007.

Other sports where Brazil likewise stands out include auto racing, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, tennis, volleyball, among others. To experience the thrill that the citizens here devote to sports, you should schedule your visits here during a much-awaited sports event involving football or Pan American Games.

If you are looking for an exciting nightlife and a good blend of sights and sounds then you should make your accommodations in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilians refer to Rio as the "wonderful city" and there are very strong reasons for doing so as this city has everything a tourist is looking for a memorable vacation. If you wish to stretch the night, you have the option of going to the Copacobana, Ipanema or Ibarra. Be thrilled in your exploration of the famous Rio de Janeiro red light district. Have your fill of delightful dishes that the restaurants have to offer while dance in the discos and bars that offer a warm welcome to strangers like you.


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