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Bolivia Travel Guide

Out of all the countries in South America, Bolivia has the most number of indigenous people that enables the travellers to experience the authentic Indian culture along with the most dramatic landscapes of South America.

Weather is very unpredictable in Bolivia. If you are planning to go for a trip, you would be needing clothes with light fabric because of the very tropical and sometimes humid weather. You might also want to consider bringing clothes that can make you feel warm and cozy during the night as it can be very cold especially at places like Altiplano, Puna, La Paz, Potosi and Oruro.

Bolivia is blessed with so many natural treasures. Here, you can visit the second largest lake in South America called Lake Titicaca. This lake is one of the greatest assets of Bolivia. Lake Titicaca is a very significant and mythical lake among the locals. This scenic spot resembles the shape of an animal called puma that is sacred to the Inca. Lake Titica has at least 41 islands and the largest of all is the Isla del Sol - another tourist attraction in Bolivia as well. Isla del Sol is the island where the remains of the ancient temple of the Inca is situated.

A Bolivian get-away can never be complete without a trip to the city of La Paz. The caramel colored town of La Paz is the perfect meeting places for tourists and locals. It is has a park filled with trees and benches where you can simply relax. The plaza was made during Spanish colonial- era that is why bronze statues of the past military leaders and Spanish rulers were left behind. You may also want to get lost in the town's alleyways and shop for handcrafted silvers or weaved clothes with very interesting, colourful and intricate pattern.

Local Bolivian foods are very distinctive with most dishes are meat. There restaurants that serves international cuisines but it is advised to go for the local-style restaurants to fully experience Bolivian nouvelle cuisine. The most popular snack and the specialty in Bolivia is the Empanada Salteña. It is a combination of chicken, diced meat, potatoes, raisins and pepper, all rolled into a finely baked dough. Don't forget to national drink called chichi. A very strong beverage made from the fermented corns and cereals.

Since it has a lot of greener than green forests and rich landscapes, Bolivia is also visited by many because of the outdoor activities that can be done here. Travellers will enjoy trekking at Bolivia starting at La Paz. There are at least ten eco-parks you can choose from. If you're not up for walking but still wanted to get close to nature, then the jungle tour is perfect for you. Typical jungle tour includes a ride in motorized canoes in rivers Tuichi and Beni. The highlights of this trip are the indigenous plants and different spectacular species of tropical birds.

There are so many hotel accommodations in Bolivia. You can choose hotels from the cheapest to the most luxurious ones. Most hotels were located in the town of La Paz. US dollars can be exchanged in these establishments as well.


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