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Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina is one of the most fabulous countries in the world, with its beauty and vast tourist locations that can offer the most magnificent sceneries and indulge visitors to their rich culture and history. Visiting Argentina is an adventure in itself, traveling from one city to another offers tourists a glimpse of their varying arts, customs and traditions as well as offer unique experiences that only a great a few countries in the world can offer.

Each landscapes is worthy of a thousand pictures, great views surrounds each places from its renowned National parks to wildlife and the mountainous region, all conspire together to give each visitor an experience to remember. Here are some of the major cities and regions in Argentina that every tourist should visit and some activities that will enrich each traveling experience to the level of a satisfying one.

Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city is now being called as the Paris of South America, for the attractions that it offers is slowly rivaling that of Paris, France. Scenic city landscapes, museums, art theaters and coffee shops are among the favorites of tourists. North of Buenos Aires travelers can visit the world famous Iguaza Falls, considered to be one of the breathtaking natural wonders of the world. Not to mention the vast choices of exotic food and wine, great city architecture, luxurious and stylish accommodations and an energetic night life driven by the charm of tango. Buenos Aires offers everything plus a lot of charm to travelers, guaranteeing each one a pleasant stay.

Mendoza is another region that attracts a large number of tourists in Argentina. The place is known for its exotic foods and homegrown wines, a place that is near the Andes Mountains makes it an ideal destination for adventure sports fanatics and those who enjoys the great outdoors. A tourist's paradise capped by picturesque surroundings, suitable for any kind of holidays with friends and families.

Patagonia is one of the biggest regions in Argentina. Main attraction of this region is the marvelous penguins and whales that are found in the Peninsula Valdes and the stunning Bariloche lake region. There are a lot of glaciers and national parks located in the Tierra del Fuego and El Calafate that can be found in this region. Over all Patagonia presents a different but still marvelous natural appeal of Argentina.

Salta is a region in Argentina that lies in the scenic northern region where there is a stable weather conditions all year round. Visitors would love the colonial town theme of this region that will offer and teach the diverse culture and traditions of Argentina to its tourists, getting around town is not that difficult as a train ride will make your trip around an enjoyable one.

The Pampas is a region consisted of flat and lengthy agricultural land and is popular for its vast cattle ranches and horse breeding tradition. Mentioned as favorite among those who want to experience life on the countryside with friendly locals and scenic surroundings, definitely a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Argentina.

Here are some of the finest regions in Argentina to visit, a lot more places, cities and towns awaits visitors in Argentina that offers a memorable stay, so what are you waiting for book that holiday in Argentina the sooner the better.


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