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In the Oceania region another exciting place to visit would be the Republic of Vanuatu, the perfect tropical paradise for the excitement hungry explorer. Wearing a veil of wonderful history, rich culture and warm locals, Vanuatu offers everyone a great treat of a journey. One would not have any major problem with the communication barrier because aside from the native language Bislama, English is widely spoken all over Vanuatu.

Fiestas and celebrations are scattered all year around, because of the island's natural festive environment. There are several coming-of-age rituals and ceremonies that a person who's looking for exotic events can experience. Music in Vanuatu is as extraordinary as the rest of its treats, were rare instruments and human voices compose of Vanuatu's contemporary musical culture.

The world's most exciting and active volcanoes can be located in Vanuatu. The Ambrym, Lopevi and Yasur are the most active volcanoes in Vanuatu, not to mention several underwater ones. Yasur is included in the world's most active erupting volcanoes. For hundreds of years, Yasur has been on regular eruptions, and tourists can reserve trips to see the large crater and magnificent lava eruptions can be seen. For the expedition ready tourist, he may as well visit Ambrym, where one can visit the Ambrym volcano caldera and summit craters. Camps may be set up on the pinnacle caldera, and regular daily hikes can be taken, where the spectacular lava lakes can be viewed. Meanwhile Lopevi is marked as the most beautifully formed volcano present in Vanuatu. As of the present Lopevi is active, as it has just erupted in 2007, so the sooner one visits the better. It is truly a splendid view to see such a great architecture of nature release lava. It is an archipelago found in the South Pacific Ocean.

There are six developed provinces in Vanuatu. Namely Malampa, Penama, Sanma, Shefa, Tafea and Torba. Famous for the reality television show "Survivor", the natural beauty of Vanuatu was partly revealed to the public, as before it was virtually unheard of by many people. The locals are quite friendly, especially in the rural areas. The cultural heritage of the archipelago is much retained, but is also extremely diverse, so tourists would not get tired of seeing the same old thing. The religion is also very diverse, so a visitor should not have any strange feeling of being an outcast as the faith of the natives are not focused on one religion.

One should not have any political problems in the republic of Vanuatu, as there are no wars of violent conflicts in the Republic of Vanuatu. Public transportation is available in the republic of Vanuatu, but for a tourist who want to see it all, it's better to arrange rented vehicles and a tour guide.


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