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Tuvalu Travel Guide

The Polynesia island nation of Tuvalu (formerly Ellice Islands) is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Hawaii. Second to the Vatican is Tuvalu as the least populated independent country in the world, which makes it a true haven for the people who crave for privacy.

Tuvalu is made up of four small reef islands and five true atolls (a coral island encircling a lagoon). Although these atolls are not made up of great soil and are too small for restaurants and establishments to erect on, it is a wonderful sight to behold. The largest atoll is called Funafuti. Although Tuvalu has virtually no natural resources, the tourism for this small nation owns great potential, more so because of the privacy it offers the tourists.

Culture in Tuvalu is still thriving because it is well preserved by the native, who still live the small village life, such as passing traditional mastery of jobs from father to son. Because the island is very small, people are advised to have a good plan for their transportation, as the transport services are very limited than normal. There is no existing railway and the road extends only up to 5 kilometers. Motorbikes or pedal bikes are good ways of transportation around the small but beautiful island of Tuvalu, plus it is also cheaper than cars.

But a good thing about this attractive primitiveness of Tuvalu is its promise of unspoiled beauty, as there is no room for large cars or buildings to congest the country. Marine environment and creatures are unharmed and thus retain their natural well being. In Tuvalu one experiences the real getaway, as there is less noise and disturbance for a person who's trying to relax. Tuvalu uses Australian currency, and there are no credit card services, therefore foreigners are advised to carry cash or traveler's check with them.

The climate in Tuvalu does not normally exceed 30 degrees celsius, which is why it's very pleasant for casual walks and hikes anywhere.

The handicrafts found in Tuvalu are also very popular throughout the pacific, various products such as fans, necklaces, woodcarvings and mats are of great exportation rate. Natives are generally friendly and warm to foreign visitors, but a small sensibility is advised upon women who want to dress in revealing bikinis. The ocean is very vast, but the atolls are near to the beaches, therefore one can swim easily from one atoll to another. Spectacular lagoons are also a famous attraction for visitors.

To keep the island safe and clean, not much of bars and liquor stores are around, but there are a few whom are licensed to distribute. Tuvalu stamps are also great souvenirs, as it is reflection to the small country's history. Hotels however are not lacking in Tuvalu, as there is a respectable number of available accommodations around the island of Tuvalu, but most are located in their capital city. Vaiaku Lagi Hotel guests usually enjoy the various functions and feasts arranged for them by the management.


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