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Tonga Travel Guide

The Kingdom of Tonga (means "south") is an independent archipelago located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. The islands of Tonga are also known as the Friendly Islands, which is given by Captain Cook due to the friendly reception he received from the natives. Captain Cook happened to arrive at the time of a festival. The great writer William Mariner said that, in reality the chiefs had wanted to kill Cook during the gathering, but had been unable to agree on a plan. This of course was a humorous statement.

The best and most comfortable time to visit the Tonga is during the dry season between may and october. Not surprising, this particular season is when most of the major festivities are held. It is also considered to be the region's high season, though there isn't virtually much difference in costs.

The wet season (thus also the low season) lasts from november to april. The month March tends to be the wettest month, especially in Vava'u, which is a normal contradiction of Asian standards. Most of the precipitation occurs at night and the main discomfort will be caused by a rise in the uncomfortable heat and humidity. Tonga lies within the South Pacific's notorious cyclone belt. The season most infamous for tropical storms and cyclones is between November and March. Cyclone storms seem to occur averagely, every 10 to 15 years.

If you plan to come during the december - january holiday period, when huge numbers of Tongans return for the holidays, it will be very wise to book flights well in advance.

There's a wide variety of accommodation categories available on Tonga vacations - from backpackers, to serviced apartments, to luxurious hotels, guesthouses and resorts - there is something that will suit any budget and taste.

Tongans enjoy being on the beach, collecting things from the sea, singing, and dancing all day. Any occasion, big or small, can become a good reason for getting together to celebrate with close friends and family. In traditional Tongan life, the family is of most importance. Every family member plays a vital role, with older persons commanding the most respect. Women in Tonga benefit from a higher social status than in other parts of Polynesia, which as tradition gives them certain authority over their male family members.

The next important to Tongans is Religion, as almost all Tongans are churchgoers. The Sabbath is declared forever sacred in the Tongan Constitution.

In Tonga there is no traffic, no crowds and no long lines. All there is is peace and tranquility. And there is also a wide variety of accommodation and you can enjoy a sumptuous lobster meal, if that is what you want to have. The prices are relatively cheap too, as compared to most vacations hotspots in the world.

The natural resources and sights in Tonga would be appreciated by lover, families and friends who are vacationing together. Tonga is for everyone and anyone who wants to have a great time.


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