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Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

Located southwest of the Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea has become a popular attraction among tourists today. Noted for its very small kangaroos, huge butterflies and colorful festivals, it is indeed a country you must visit.

However, unlike many countries, it doesn't have as many tourists spots which can make traveling around the country a challenge for a traveler. You can go to the country by plane, boat and land depending on your location. Going around is easy to as you could use the public vehicle, car or by their major mode of transportation which is a banana boat.

There are quite a lot interesting things to see and do in Papua New Guinea. For those who are adventurous and in love with nature, you could try trekking amidst the jungle. There are a lot of tracks covering the mountains which can be walker-friendly. The famous tracks are: Madang, Mt. Wilhelm, Bulolo, Wau and last but not the least, the well known track - the Kokoda trail.

For the water babies and surfers out there, you could still ride the waves here in New Ireland or dive into the coastline. Though lacking in historic sites, Papua New Guinea boasts of its beautiful underwater environment which has vivid and colorful corals and rich underwater life.

If you want to relax or unwind try cruising, sail along the waters of Sepik. The accommodating people there plus the atmosphere can help you relax with distinct sights and sounds as the tour goes on. Another idea for relaxation or family bonding, is fishing. Be prepared to hear countless stories from veteran fishermen in the country - aside from of course preparing to bite into your catch.

Another activity you can try is bird watching; this is where you can absorb nature, its richness and all. There are a lot of different kinds of birds in Papua New Guinea - some of which come in colors you never thought possible.

To get adrenaline pumping, you can also try white water rafting which is a popular extreme sport in Papua New Guinea. Get ready for real adventure as you try this sport out for yourself. After this you'll sure be exhausted so why not try slowing down b After this you'll sure be exhausted so why not try slowing down by visiting a park.

No country will be complete without its own national park, visit Varirata National Park wherein all of the things aforementioned can be done. Also visit the country's capital, Port Moresby to get a taste of authentic modern culture you cannot miss this for it is the entry point and exit point of the country. You can also come by Lake Kutubu. Here you can see breath-taking sceneries and a picturesque view of nature and its surroundings.

Papua New Guinea is a humble country but it is a good place to visit. Because somewhere along the way, a traveler or a tourist may pick up a thing or two about the culture, traditions and the history the envelopes the colorful festivals they hold every now and then.