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Palau Travel Guide

So, you have seen them in a famous reality TV show and they are the undeniable pride of Micronesia. Are you ready to get your backpacks and board the next flight to Palau? Considered the last frontier in underwater wonderlands, Palau is inviting you experience their overwhelming beauty!

Palau is an archipelago in Pacific Ocean with neighboring countries of the Philippines and Japan. They are one of the world's youngest and smallest nations and Palau is sometimes referred to as Belau which is its native name.

Springtime brings forth a multitude of festivities in Palau, making it an interesting time to visit during february to march. Rainy season comes around June to August but their waters remain above 27C all year round, much to the fanatic diver's pleasure.

There is only one airport in Palau and it is located in Koror which is the former capital city of Palau, until 2006. Right now, Melekeok holds the honor of being Palau's capital city. Most Westerners, Europeans and even Asian citizens do not require a visa unless you plan to extend more than 30 days in the country. Remember to check the country's immigration website to ensure a hassle free vacation.

To enjoy Palau, you can take the rock island tour. Be prepared to be enthralled by four breath taking destinations. First is the Milky Way, which is a lagoon, embedded with powdery clay instead of sand. Palauans cover their body with this magic mud believed to have beautifying properties.
Second stop is Clam City. As the name suggest, the place boasts of giant clams which can fit half an average person's body. Next stop is the reef shark feeding activity. It is a once in a lifetime experience of personally swimming within two feet of black tip sharks.

The rock island tour ends at Jelly Fish Lake. In ordinary instances, you will surely swim away from them. But since these armies of jelly fish are trapped by the movement of lands, they have mutated and evolved to a kind of jelly fish species that can no longer sting.

If you are endlessly fascinated by the underwater, you should not leave Palau without testing the waters of their famous dive sites. Some well visited places are German Channel, Ulong Channel, The Blue Corner and Blue Holes. You can choose your pick of either swimming with Bull sharks or visiting ruins of WWII battle fields. Other enchanting activities in shallower waters of Palau are snorkeling, kayaking and fishing.

Palau uses US dollar as its currency and accommodation in this Treasure Island where tourism is the main industry, prices can be comparatively high. Prepare to shell out at least USD100 for reasonable budget per day. Recommended places to hangout and satisfy your palate is Rock Island Cafe in Koror if you are hankering for American Cuisine; Taj is excellent for a bit of Indian Spice, while Fuji caters to your insatiable Japanese cravings. Although Palau is not one to be a wild crazy holiday, try visiting the hard to find Kramer's for a good night out.

After all the exotic journeys you might have already experienced, we can more than take amazing pictures from a visit in Palau. We can all learn a thing or two about their strong sense of passion for nature. This is the passion that fuels them to preserve their islands' beauty for the swarms of visitors to come in the next few centuries.