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Marshall Islands Travel Guide

A place of not much history, but this just adds to it wonderful air of mystery, the Marshall Islands. Tourism is the best income for the country, because although their natural resources leave little for exports, imports and tourists flock their islands. Itís because the surrounding the islands are sparkling and beautiful, not much pollution leaves little to complain about the sparkling waters. If a person is to rest under a banana tree shade, and just looks towards the never ending horizon of clear sea water, and inhales the sea breeze, it is truly a paradise to behold. These wonderful islands are found southeast from the Great Sound of Bermuda.

For people who want peace and quiet, this is the place to covet for, very much unlike the polluted streets of cities and urban areas, here the air is clean and doesnít contain that funny city smell. One of the most abundant trees in this place is the coconut trees, flourishing in the Pacific's tropical islands. A lot of rare and exotic birds can be found in the Marshall Islands. In total there are about 84 species, one kind is introduced or bred by humans, four kinds are rare to find in the Marshall Islands, and five kinds are almost extinct.

Unlike other countries, there are no vaccinations required for visitors wishing to enter the Marshall Islands. Modes of transportation are numerous, and a taxi fare is cheaper than normal, with prices from $.50 to $20. There is a system for people who are saving that allows people who want to share cabs to flag down cabs already containing passengers so that they can share the ride.

There are annual events that tourists flock for, such as the Majuro day, Majuro being the capital city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, which is celebrated every February 15th, the Coconut Cup Sailing Regatta every first Saturday of April, the Mobil All Micronesia Fishing Tournament of every first weekend of September and the dozens more.

Majuro Atoll, the port of Majuro city, shopping districts, hotels, restaurants and an international airport are some of the amenities that one may enjoy. Uliga, the main business district, is the home to the College of the Marshall Islands, Assumption High school and the Uliga Elementary schools are the crucial elements for the natives, because their children are taught to interact with the world. The native artists of the Republic of the Marshall Islands are focused mainly on the use of indigenous materials found normally in nature.

Since the Marshall Islands is wealthy on beautiful beaches, coconut trees and other plants, they specialize on making handmade jewelry and accessories from the shells gathered from the beach. Traditional headbands are also a great souvenir gift for children back at home. Marshall Islands made accessories such as headbands, bags, jewelries and necklaces are famous throughout the world for their vibrant colors and native styles. Importation is quite high for these items. The native pieces receive high praises from all over the globe.