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Kiribati Travel Guide

Officially the Republic of Kiribati in Tarawa, capital of Micronesia, is an island nation located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean. It has three groups of island namely divided as Banaba Island, Phoenix Group and the Line Island Group which became the visited tourist spotlight. The Banaba Island has several hotels that includes local swimming spots, home stay guesthouses and has some good diving resort. The Phoenix Group is almost entirely uninhabited. The Line Island also known as "Christmas Island" is known as the largest coral isle that is rich in wildlife. Christmas Island is mostly visited among the three Islands where it brings new attention to the world to experience the new millennium.

The Island remains traditional in the Pacific with livelihood in fishing, farming and handcraft weaving which is their primary source of income. The official language is English and it is widely spoken here. Australian Dollar is the currency accepted here or having American Express Travelers cheques in Australian dollar can be considered. The Island offers an opportunity to view the Pacific in its natural state, swim in white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, dive and be amazed by looking into deep blue waters, wonderful reefs and explore the cobalt blue water, watch flying fishes dive, have a sun bathing on heavenly sun rays with climate of tropical, marine moderated by trade winds, hot and humid. Plan to have an Island hopping experience across the country by private yacht, boat or plane? Make sure you're prepared to have some fun here.

You would enjoy night watching. The burning of the coconut stems by islanders is exciting to watch. Favorite holiday sports are available like squash, soccer, tennis, fishing and other water sports. It cannot be compared like another Hawaii or Tahiti, this place offers true peace, serenity, not many tourists still flock the place, it's far away, hard to get to, more coconut trees than people, more Christian church and ancient island beliefs, more coral isles than dry land.

Travel resources provide packages for hotels, guesthouses, resorts, safety gears and equipment used on reef walking or scuba diving and safety equipment used on islands which are all facilitated by professionals. Getting into Kiribati can be by boat, plane or through their own airlines that are already established on their neighboring countries and upon entering the island would require Visa and is strictly applicable only to developed countries. Accommodations in the hotel rooms are very limited but few home stay guesthouses are commonly available. Health safety is one factor to be taken seriously when traveling to this island. The water here unfortunately is not safe for drinking, either boil or filter it first as a preventive measure. Consider having insect repellant lotion and sunscreen applied to your body to avoid any risk of health.

If you are searching for a new way of relaxation and want to experience the Pacific in its natural state in having your vacation, honeymoon, wedding venues, adventure travel, backpacking, Island hopping, culture, natives and history, Kiribati is a new place to stop by.