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Fiji Travel Guide

A lovely place in the middle of pure untainted nature is Fiji. If there is a craving for adventure in your soul, the best place to quench it is Fiji. The name Fiji is the old Tongan word for the islands, which in turn is derived from the Fijian name Viti. Officially known as the Republic of the Fiji Islands, it is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu. The small country of Fiji occupies an archipelago of more than 300 islands, 106 islands are permanently inhabited, and 522 islets that are too small to build homes on. There are two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, accounts around 87% of Fiji's population. Viti Levu is country's largest island, and the site of the nation's capital, Suva, and home to majority of Fiji's population. Suva is located on the southeast coast in the Central Division. The second largest island of Fiji is the Sandalwood Island, or Vanua Levu.

Religion is one of the main differences with the indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians, the former overwhelmingly Christian (97.2%), and next comes mostly Hindu (70.7%) and then Muslim (17.9%).

The Republic of the Fiji Islands has attractions that can be found nowhere else and offers a unique experiential opportunity for a traveler and his companions.

A potential favorite for the nature lover, Fiji still has a pure and unique nature of extreme artistry and peace. Fiji is in splendid isolation with the striking blue waters of the South Pacific, it has managed to avoid the evils of industrial progress, the danger of pollution, the rampage of harmful animals and insects, and deadly diseases such as malaria. The Rugby union is the national sport that is played in Fiji. The sport was introduced around the 1880s, and now Fiji is defined as a second home for the rugby nation by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

Fiji's hundreds of islands are infected neither by diseases nor any toxic chemicals, but with the sizzle and excitement of the various events or just plain happy hours. But it can also be quiet and calm nature. Fiji is the only place where you can swim alongside huge but harmless manta rays by the shore, or snorkel over the vibrant colored rainbow corals, or even scuba dive and see the White Wall or the famous Astrolabe Reef.

Fiji is the home of the Cloud Breaker, the name of the six-meter waves found at Tavarua, which draws surfers from around the world. Fiji is also a place where you can just float and absorb the calm, quiet waters of the clean lagoon and absorb the peace. On sunsets, you can walk alone or with companions through the abundant rain forests. In Fiji the sun shines nearly every day. And when it rains, everyone would rush outside to enjoy a short raib bath that ends as quickly as it began. Live and enjoy it all in Fiji, where rushing is not a way of life, and a new friend is remembered. Here people wear flowers tucked behind their ears, because they like to do so. Fiji awaits your discovery.


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