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Easter Island Travel Guide

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is an isolated place that belongs to Chile. The island is well known because of the statues found in the area, especially on the coastlines called "moai". Moai are statues that natives carved out of a compressed volcanic ash to form as large as 33 feet high of Moai. One could easily recognize a Moai because all of it is made of heads carvings or from the chest up to the head type of carving.

Being a finalist of the New Seven Wonders of the World, tourists flocked to visit some of Easter Island's attractions that its country can be proud of. Some of these visitors are mostly from Europe or from the mainland of Chile. The Easter Island can only be accessed by plane or a chartered flight because of the existence of the island's only airport, the Mataveri International Airport. LAN Airlines is the only commercial carrier that serves the Mataveri Airport, offers direct flights to Santiago, Papeete and Tahiti. The runway of Easter Island's had been lengthened to serve as an alternate landing site for the U.S. space shuttle.

There are a lot of places to visit while tourists enjoy vacation to Easter Islands as the place is almost entirely uninhabited by humans. Since tourists will surely enjoy watching the moai statues during the trip then why not visit the source of it all? The Rano Raraku. Some of the popular moai statues can be seen at Ahu Tongariki displayed in a military flat rock platform. Rapa Nui has breathtaking landscapes, a reason why it has been announced as the Rapa Nui National Park in the Easter Island.

Tourists are able to see an Inca-style ruin at Orongo as this fascinating place has native inhabitants with beliefs that the first residents of the area came from the American continent. Orongo also has a lake-filled crater wherein remains of Birdman cult practiced until 1867 can be found. Guests should never miss visiting a 324-meter tall extinct volcano called Rano Kau as it has a crater lake that contains an ample amount of fresh water. Rano Kau is only one of the sections of Rapa Nui National Park, which is mostly visited by tourists who wants to have a glance of Easter Islands' panoramic views. Rano Kau is very accessible as its northern side slopes down near the Mataveri International Airport.

After a tour to most lakes and moai's, a trip to the main town called Hanga Roa is always in the list of every tourist. Stores are present everywhere as the town is filled with tourists' access to hotels where they can book reservations, restaurants for fine dining, supermarket for stocks during activities and pharmacy for health and minor emergencies. The town is also equipped with the latest communication and facilities as plenty of Internet cafes had been opened. No one will never be out of money because automated teller machines are also available everywhere.