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Cook Islands Travel Guide

The Cook Islands is pure Polynesian, discovered by Capt. James Cook and named the island after him. The Island is divided into two groups that can be found in south and north region. Southern region has nine high islands, mostly in the volcanic origin even though some of them are close to the isle. The highlight place in southern region is the "Rarotonga". Rarotonga is a volcanic island, the largest and the most important island in the area as it is the capital of Cook Islands. On the other hand, "Tongavera", also known as Mangarongaro is popular as well as this island is like floating in space.

Cook Island is a religious nation; the reason this country is very secure. Most of Cook Islands population goes to church and believes in God. Most people living here are very humble. They do not appreciate bareness of any outward appearance. The island doesn't tolerate tourists who sun bathes without clothes so it's advisable to keep your bikinis on while basking in the sun. In addition to that, driving or walking around town in bikinis is prohibited. Also, tourists or natives should be properly dressed when going to church.

Cook Island is a perfect place in the South Pacific Ocean with its glorious beaches lapping on your feet while you're walking on the white sand. Sailing trips include snorkeling on outside reefs. The popular activity in the Rarotanga region mostly enjoyed by tourists who come in groups or family is diving. Some do horseback riding around southern parts of Rarotonga and action packed boat trips. Guided traveling around the place includes lunch and demonstrations of carving, outfit making, songs, legends and big dance competition in late of April. Book your plan first as whale watching is popular during the months of July to October while natives prepare for traditional foods and coconut palm.

International air services are provided by Air New Zealand like the present flights between Rarotonga and Auckland, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti and USA. Inside Rarotonga is the town of Avarua, which has many specialty shops for its guests. Tourists could always shop for black pearls, jewelries and other handcrafts in Beachcomber and The Pearl Shop. If you're into local products like perfumes, soaps and lotions then the Perfume Factory is the right place for you. Another thing to experience in Avarua is by getting up early during Saturdays to experience shopping at Punanga Nui Cultural Market.

Since Cook Island is more of water than land, resorts are the most popular place to stay. Tourists can always book for reservations in a few of Cook Islands' resorts mostly available in Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Avarua. Education is not limited to Cook Islands, as it has established close ties with New Zealand's education organization witch offered courses same as NZ offers its people. Because of this, most inhabitants of Cook Islands can understand and speak three languages such as the Maori, Pukapukan, and English to understand those who bring great profit for Cook Islands' established island.