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Australia Travel Guide

Nature loving beach girl meets city chic. From world famous surfing beaches, to endangered Kangaroos and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia's ability to mix the modern with the environment will charm you up to no end!

Australia, which is already a continent itself, is a country that you can visit any time of the year. The country's major cities are Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. To maximize your visit, it is recommended to plan it around december to february. The climate is particularly nice and you better pack your bikinis and sunblock because it's the perfect beach weather.

There are a few things you must remember if you plan to enjoy the coastlines. Up in Northern Australia, they experience wet summer season. Some seas may be cramped with jellyfish because of the climate and it tends to be very humid. But don't let that damper your blue crush fantasies! Keep in mind that Australia is a massive country. There are a lot of beaches scattered from all over the country where you can get your tan lines from. But if you are not too keen on sun exposure, then take comfort from the fact that it's winter from June to August. Skiing resorts, ranging from budget to luxury accommodation, are offered in selected areas such as Victoria and Tasmania.

Places to see and things to visit are overflowing in Australia. Prefer to visit those you can enjoy very well and not make you feel like you are in Amazing Race.

If you are a water person, Bondi Beach is the most visited beach since it's only 7KM away from the capital city of Sydney. Then, prepare for remarkable experience to play and feed dolphins in Monkey Mia. These dolphins are not trapped and free to swim their way around you. The Great Barrier Reef is another sight to behold in the country. Its one of the largest coral formation in the world, located in the Pacific coast of Queensland and is home to a spectacular array of marine wildlife. Be ready to dive in and be swept away by great Australian underwater adventures!

If you are one with nature, Atherton Tablelands in Queensland is a must see. Abundant wildlife and breathtaking crater lakes are settling in this agricultural area. For Kata Tjuta National Park, you can visit Uluru. It is a sacred locale by the aboriginal people. There is a sandstone rock formation known as Ayers Rock in the northern territory and it astonishingly changes its color depending on the position of the sun. It has an approximate of 9K circumference. Lastly, if kangaroos are what you're looking for, at Jarvis Bay which is south of Sydney, there are a lot of nature parks where kangaroos are likely to enter your bedroom as much as anyone else.

Of course, for those who wants to bask in the culture and sights in drier lands, take note that Adelaide Festival of Arts is one of the most celebrated feast in Australia. It is hosted by none other than the 'Festival City' of Adelaide. Last but definitely not the least, will you leave Australia without visiting the architectural wonder of the Sydney Opera House? So whether you simply fancy watching operas or you simply want to take a picture, it is worth to make a quick stop before this famous structure. Have something to remember the country's alluring character.


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