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American Samoa Travel Guide

American Samoa is a territory of the USA, which is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The most populated and biggest island is Tutuila, along with Rose Atoll, Swains Island and Manu'a Island. Tutuila Island's trademark in the Central Pacific is its wide, natural harbor which is Pago Pago Harbor. Pago Pago is the mix of vibrant urban and semi-urban communities. A harbor surrounded by dramatic cliffs, Pago Pago Harbor plunges almost straight into the sea. Climbing to the top most part of Mt. Alava provides the hikers a splendid first hand view of the harbor and town.

Rose Atoll, an uninhabited wildlife refuge, is also sometimes called the Rose Island or Motu O Manu by the native people of nearby Manu'a Islands, is an atoll owned by the U.S.

Swains Island is another atoll located in the Tokelau chain, which is the most northern westerly island administered and controlled by American Samoa.

Culturally and traditionally a part of the Tokelau Islands, based on political standards Swains Island is an unorganized territory of United States of America. The Swains Island has been known as many names, such as; Olohega Island, Gente Hermosa Island, Olosenga Island, Quiros Island and Jennings Island throughout the history.

The tropical climate of American Samoa can be humid on the dates january 27 to july 25 and even more humid from november to april. Light clothing is advised to be worn, due to the normally humid weather of the small country. However jumpers should also be worn on occasions, such as night time from May to September. The national language is Samoan, but English is also very widely spoken. The currency of the country is United States Dollars. In American Samoa ATM machines, EFTPOS and major credit card brands are accepted. The time zone in American Samoa is 12 hours behind GMT (Samoa is the last country each day to have sunset). The widely accepted electricity wattage is 110 volts AC and 2 pin plugs for appliances. To be able to enter American Samoa, there are the same entry requirements for USA. There is no money exchange at the airport, so visitors must always bring American dollars. There are no luggage storages available in airports, so be advised to carry what is comfortable and easy to bring.

American Samoans love to sing and dance. It is a big part of celebrations which take place throughout the year. A large population of the tourists has seen the sasa, a local group that dances involving slapping, clapping and arm and leg movements. Performed only on special occasions and only by women is the Taualuga, which requires either specific sporty or graceful hand, arm and body movements.