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Oceania Travel Guide

Oceania or sometimes called Oceanica consists of numerous islands, and is located in the Pacific Ocean. The exact areas of Oceania are not exact, as there are various claims about it. Oceania is thriving of beautiful Islands and Coral reefs. Tourists of different nationalities flock to Oceania for vacation, well excited for the rest they deserve.

Oceania offers everyone the most unforgettable leisure experience. Tours are thriving like never before, and the tourism industry of Oceania has never looked as good. Not only can one see wonderful exotic landscapes and locations in Oceania, but the ethnicity, culture and delicacies entice anyone who's been there before to come back with more friends and family with them. Oceania gives people the chance to bond thru easy activities that include the opportunities to hike, long strolls and the likes. Safari tours and enjoyable sailing trips are available for reservation in Oceania.

All major air travel companies in the world allow tentative visitors to choose the plans best for them, for their personal convenience. The following Major companies offer direct flights to and from Oceania; American Airlines, Air Pacific, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Qantas, etc. Premium ship cruises are also available for people who don't want travel by air.

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in Oceania. The modern look and feel of Melbourne does not over shadow the wonderful natural pleasures that the rainforests of Australia. Peak seasons are november to april, where the temperature and weather is more pleasant and agreeable. Water sports are also abundant, due to the clear waters that Oceania presents. Tourism in fact is the biggest industry of all Oceania.

New Zealand is a very prosperous country, thus the quality of living is very high. An estimate of the tourist average daily cost would range around $40-$80 dollars. Auckland is a metropolitan area that is located North of New Zealand. It is New Zealand's largest city, with a population of more than one million.

Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Islands can be found on South West of the Pacific, is also a very popular tourist destination in Oceania.

Another would be Pago Pago, the capital of American Samoa, and is the home of the safest harbor in the South Pacific, the Pago Pago bay. Pago Pago offers deep and splendid natural water harbors, with nearby great mountains that protect people from the strong winds.

Kiribati's capital is Tarawa, the marvelous atoll in the Central Pacific. Relics can be found in the area called Betio, memories from the former Japanese invasion.

Agana is the city capital of small yet beautiful Guam. Guam is a small country but it compensates itself well. Agana offers the best tasting fruits money can buy. Tourists especially enjoy basking under the sun while they're buying fresh fruits from the street merchants. The largest island and capital of USA is Saipan. It is a meeting point of different cultures and is highly urbanized.


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