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Mexico Travel Guide

If ever you are in the United States of America (USA) for a vacation, then you should extend your holiday to its neighboring country of Mexico. Both countries are located in North America but there are huge differences between the two in terms of cultural and social aspects. While English is the language spoken in the USA, Spanish is the official language in Mexico. Based on a survey made by the World Trade Organization, Mexico is among the top ten tourist destinations in the world. This could be attributed to the variety of attractions that this country has to offer to the curious travelers all year round.

There are many reasons why Mexico draws in people from all over the world. The country's capital, Mexico City, is one of the most visited cities according to a study. It is deemed one of the most populated cities and presents a variety of activities that you can do anytime. During the time, you can appreciate the historical buildings spread across the city, from museums, Aztec ruins and other structural designs. At night, you can shop around and enjoy the nightlife, which could be really fun and entertaining. To learn more about the culture of Mexico, the city of Guanajuato has various festivals that depict these.

The tropical weather in Mexico is suitable for a relaxing day at the local beaches. Bathing under the sun while lounging on the soft sand is what most visitors are looking forward. A holiday will not be complete without going to the lovely beaches in a country. Mexico can truly compete with other countries that have warm climate and exotic sights that are considered visual delights especially by those people seeing them for the first time. Costa Alegre is a haven for those that have enough money to spend. Exclusive beach resorts and hotels have private beaches, which are located miles away from civilization. For those who prefer white sand, Punta Mita is the place to go to.

To commune with nature, travelers should proceed to the town of San Sebastian. Staying there could feel like going back in time since the mountain in this area was used for mining purposes in the past. Coming from Puerto Vallarta, you can book a short flight to this charming place. In a matter of 15 minutes, you can already take in the beauty of this quaint town. Cancun in Quintana Roo is known for its exciting nightlife while enjoying the calming effect of the sea and the sky. An alternative to Cancun would be Riviera Maya where you can have a lower priced vacation.

Whatever may be your objective in going to Mexico, you will definitely have a memorable stay in this country. Each city can offer you its own allure, whether it concerns an active lifestyle, an adventure of some sorts or a comfortable day wandering around the country or lying on a beach. You should coordinate with a travel agency that can arrange your agenda beforehand. You can definitely expect a busy schedule ahead of you in going to Mexico.