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Canada Travel Guide

Canada has always been a popular destination for the weary traveler. People whom have lost their faith in having a great time during their precious vacations find themselves rekindling their excitement for day offs when they visit this magical place. People in Canada are diverse and friendly, they are quite hospitable and fun to be with.

There are a lot of attractions in Canada. One of those magnificent attractions would be the Sand Land, a man made wonder built by seven professional sculptors who teamed up to make a two million pound lump of sand into something great. There are twenty internationally renowned sculptures made of sand. This fantastic place is located in the small Prince Edward Island.

Universities are of great influence in Edmonton's Strathcona district, as it has easily molded the old with the new. The city is booming with potential. The reddish brownish building made of antique bricks are famous landmarks in the city, and though the building may seem like it is quite old fashioned to a new comer's eyes, the college and university students have influenced the contents of this old place. Collectible items that range from antiques and classics to the modern and original grace the place, with its wonderfully preserved ceilings adding up to the authenticity that the place has. The Old Strathcona Foundations strongly suggests that a new comer spend two hours of his time in walking around with a tour (may be of a group or personal), and learn about the rich culture and history of the place. The Old Strathcona Foundation is non profit, and they strive to give the people more knowledge in order to preserve the history of their beloved town. They publish simple yet informative booklets to provide guide to the travelers, and if they want, the travelers may make a small amount donation at their head office, to help them out in a small way.

A lot of restaurants can make a wary restaurant expert happy again. In Canada, the food is as diverse as their ethnicities are. A famous place that one must not miss is Kingyo, which is owned and managed by Minoru Tamaru, and the restaurant's head chef, Hiro Shintaku. Japanese food is quite popular in Canada. A lot of successful Japanese restaurants are go-to places whenever a special celebration or a wonderful family night out is in order. The menu of these restaurants are something to explore and enjoy, with their wide varieties and surprising tastes, one would surely give his palette a healthy and unique treat when he tries on the famous Canadian restaurants.

Don't stop yourself from feeling that excited vibe of traveling! As long as you can, travel to fantastic places, and see the things that you can see. Canada is a wonderful place for families to grow closer and for lovers to establish themselves. Don't wait for the time that you cannot travel anymore, because if you do, then you have missed out on the great experience that Canada is.

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