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North America Travel Guide

North America is the uppermost continent of the western hemisphere. It is the third biggest continent following Africa and Asia. The most popular cities and countries in the world are located in North America. It has at least 40 countries and territories including the infamous United States of America. In these areas are the diversity of culture, landscapes and tourist attractions. North America can give you the chilling white vacation you've dreamed of or the Caribbean summer get away to escape the winter season in your country. The tourism industry in North America is one of the great sources why this continent is one of the wealthiest in the world.

There are a lot of reasons why North America's tourism industry is flourishing. But above it all, the fact that the continent is proud to have all the elements needed to make an amazing tourist destination in the world makes the tourism in North America a booming business. Everything you want to find in an ideal vacation spot is here. It has the stunning long coasts filled with fine white sands. Moreover, tourists can get close to nature through their offered ecotourism which would take them to the dramatic landscapes of North America. They may try out several outdoor activities in these breathtaking mountain ranges such as rock climbing, trekking and even camping out in the wild. And as they do, they have the panoramic scenes of the continent setting as their background.

North America also boasts the different wonders of the world in its continent. Some of these are the Mount McKinley in Alaska, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the five great lakes of USA. Moreover, there are also the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, the Florida Peninsula and the Atlantic seaboard.

Aside from these captivating landscapes, there are also numerous fine beaches here in the continent of North America. First on the list are the beaches of Hawaii. Other great summer destinations are Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica and the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. These hot tourist spots are definitely world-class in terms of natural beauty, hotel accommodations as well as the hospitality given by the locals of the said territories.

Of course, a trip to the North America can never be complete without visiting some of the most advanced cities with towering buildings and hi-tech billboards such as New York. In New York alone, there are several tourist attractions that one should not miss. This includes the Empire State Building, the Ground Zero, and the most popular landmark of the city - the Statue of Liberty.

In North America, one may experience the liveliest and the most colourful celebrations in the world. Every year, there are some parts of North America where they celebrate the Carnival. During the Carnival, the locals usually prepare tons of food, hold beauty pageants, and of course the masque parades seen all over the streets of the territory. Visiting the diverse culture of North America would probably the greatest tourist experience you'll ever have.




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