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Yemen Travel Guide

Yemen of the Middle East has more to offer than the sand dunes, hot desert lands and extreme weather. Located between Saudi Arabia and Oman, Yemen is a perfect combination of beautiful vistas and friendly villagers who knows how to give importance to their country's natural magnificence.

The country of Yemen is dominated by sand, making its weather very hot and humid especially on the lower elevations of Yemen especially during summer. So it is best if you would bring clothes that would protect your skin from the sun if you are planning for a Yemen trip during their hottest season. However, because of the mountainous area, the upper part of Yemen has a different weather even if it is the peak of summer. It is always windy and cool, but never cold. Yemen has an excellent weather condition. Neither too much rainfall nor too much heat can spoil your rendezvous at the country of Yemen.

Yemen is a tourist destination that you can consider free of  "tourist traps". Because of unfamiliarity, travellers often get harassed or get caught in a situation where all they can do is to buy commodities from locals in a higher price, but not in Yemen. The locals are very friendly and they value the word "tourism". They are eager to meet foreigners to show how hospitable they can be. This is one of the rarest sightseer destination that you can shop and stroll in a relaxed pace.

The Republic of Yemen is abundant in dramatic landscapes and unique architecture. Recently, Yemen is pursuing to have the island of Socotra included in the latest Seven Wonders of the World. Socotra is a home for nine different and rare species of trees including frankincense and dragon's blood tress that can only be found in this island. It is surrounded by a sparkling sea in turquoise; the land is a combination of red sandstone plateaus, limestone cliffs and granite massifs. Unfortunately, Socotra did not make it. But that didn't stop Yemen from attracting more and more travellers especially when the New York Times recognized this country as the best destination for the year 2007. As for Yemen's architecture, most homes and shelters are built in ancient manner. It is made out of mud bricks, stones and masonry, each having its own artistic feature. A stroll along the alleys of Yemen can bring you back in time where there are no traffic, no stress and life is simply uncomplicated.

A trip to Yemen can never be complete without visiting the republic's capital - Sanaa. This urban settlement has always been referred to as the Land of Queen Sheba. Here in the old city of Yemen the Liberty Gate or Bab Al-Yemen is where the gateway of Sanaa is located and is considered as one of the World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO.

Shopping can be very convenient in Yemen and can be even more convenient if you know how to say a few words related to purchasing. If ever you see a Djambia, resist the urge to buy it. Not only that it is a weapon, a rhino's horn and an antique that you can never doff easily but definitely you'll be having a hard time bringing it out of Yemen or bringing it into your own country.


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