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Turkey Travel Guide

For the interested tourists, the Republic of Turkey can offer two worlds - one Western and the other is Eastern. This novel experience if possible since Istanbul has the distinction of being strategically located between two continents, namely Europe and Asia. Thus, while staying in this city, you are equipped with the knowledge that you are enjoying the best of both worlds including the cultural differences. Although Istanbul is no longer the country's capital since this was moved to Ankara starting 1923, it is considered as Turkey's main cultural and commercial hub.

The best time to visit Turkey would be during the spring and autumn. You can pick from the three modes of transportation when traveling to this country - by air, by sea and by land. International, regular flights are available any time of the year connecting Turkey to the other parts of the world. If you are a water person, you will definitely enjoy cruises that play the Mediterranean Sea. Ferries have the ability to load your car in case you prefer to take your own vehicles while journeying the country. For land travel, you can choose between hiring a private car, taking the buses or the trains.

If you intend to stay during the winter season, then Istanbul is the place for you as this is the only city equipped to deal with visitors at this time. To avoid mosquitoes, you should stay before the middle june and after august. There have been reported cases of malaria, which is a life threatening disease caused by mosquito bites. Although the incidence rate is small, you ought to take precautionary measures such as taking malaria tablets. If you are exploring endemic areas, then it is advised that you cover your body adequately with long sleeves tops and long trousers.

The dominant religion in Turkey is Islam while the official language is Turkish. You may hear other citizens speak other languages such as Arabic, Kurdish and Laz. The country observes a couple of religious, public holidays - the Seker Bayrami and the Kurban Bayrami, the latter being the more popular of the two. If you want a quite time while touring this Turkey then you ought to avoid month when these two holidays are celebrated. During the whole week when Kurban Bayrami is commemorated, the available accommodations are projected to be full and costly. You would have a difficult time moving from one place to another and financial institutions are closed in observance of the holiday.

Turkey is a treasure-trove of history and you can learn many things in visiting this country. St. Peter's Church, which is the oldest man made church can be found in Antioch, Turkey. You should go to Ephesus if you intend to see the first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. For understanding more about ancient civilizations, the Anatolian hinderland can offer you a better understanding such as the Assyrians, the Hattis and the Hurris, among others. Other interesting trivia about Turkey is that it was the Turks who introduced coffee to Europe and responsible for giving the Dutch their tulips.

Turkey offers many exciting destinations that a seasoned tourist should look forward in viewing.


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