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The State of Qatar, an emirate in Southwest Asia occupies a humble Qatar peninsula northeast on the coast of a bigger Arabian Peninsula and is belted on the south by Saudi Arabia. Qatar acquired its name from its equal Arabic origin qatura meaning "to exude". Tracing back the word Quatara, it got its name from the Arabic quatran which means "tar" or "resin". This has a great relationship to the country's fine industry of oil and natural gas.

On September 3, 1971 the country became free after being invaded by Ottoman and British authority for years. Back to the roots of the civilation in Qatar, fishing and pearling are the main commerce of the people. The tribes of Al Khalifa and Al Saud extended through the Arabic peninsula and based on the coasts.

British first targeted Qatar and Persian Gulf as their channel to their dominion in India. Though exploration of petroleum and hydrocarbons in prior 20th century exhilarate their concerns, in the 19th century, Al Khalifa tribes administered over Northern Qatari peninsula arising out of west of Bahrain islands.

Fishing and pearling is the primary providence of Qatari region before oil was explored. In 1920's and 1930's, when Japanese cultured pearl was acquainted in the world market, pearling business in the country stumbled. Nevertheless, the revelations of oil depots altered the country's economy in 1940. With a number of social services offered, it resulted to the citizens gaining an immense standard living. The country's assets mainly come from oil and natural gas trades.

Qatar Financial Centre supplies financial organizations with world class monetary accounts objectives established in an industry cultivated of its hydrocarbon assets. It is accomplished with an enduring view of lifting the advancement of Qatar and other region, broaden local and regional trading post, and bolster the bond among energy based supervisions and global business economies.

Sunni law is used as the foundation of ruling in Qatar, and Hanbali Madhhab is abiding by a wide number of citizens in the country. First of four brainery of Fiqh or deistic act within Sunni Islam is the Hanbali Madhhab, next are Hanafi, Maliki and Shafii. It is concluded by the Sunni Muslims that the entire four institutions contain proper control, and the distinctness of the four doesn't situate in the basics of faith, but in the greater awareness, which are a product of absolute analysis of immams and educators who pursued them. Muslim is dominant in Qatar.

Qatar has gone through a course of liberaliztion and innovation after the present Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani ruled to replace his father. During his governance, Qatar gained the authority of women having rights to vote. Women are also allowed to dress freely in the public but the local Qatari women conventionally embrace the black abaya. Earlier, it is forbidden for men to go out wearing shorts. Alcohol drinking was tolerated to a determined limit. Only high class clubs and hotels are permitted to handle public bars and nightclubs, same with the emirates and Bahrain, however there are many enterprises that are almost the same with UAE. Modernization in the country was more apparent in the country during the 15th Asian Games.


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