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Kuwait Travel Guide

Kuwait used to be an "empty quarter" for tourists before Gulf War. It is only a country that orients business and not a destination for leisure. They are not open to embrace tourism and they do not issue tourist visas at all. But after being dominated by Iraq until 1991, Kuwait realized that they must increase their country's income and attracting tourists is the best option. Tourist visa can be acquired easily and is available upon arriving at Kuwait. Nowadays, Kuwait is not only known for its abundant source of oil but intriguing tourist destinations as well. It really is a fascinating place to experience the best of Arab and Islamic culture.

Kuwait is a country filled with dramatic desert sceneries. No wonder the weather in Kuwait is humid and it is even hotter during summer season. If you are planning to go on a trip to Kuwait, it is best to book a flight during May or October when the hottest season of Kuwait has passed. You may also want to visit Kuwait between the months of February and April. This is when petunias grow in full bloom and decorates the city making a beautiful scenery and the desert is laced in tiffany lime green.

This country is not only rich in oil supply but also blessed with environmental graces. Decades ago, Kuwait's wealth relies on farming of pearls or dana not oil. But since oil has more income than pearls, they just commemorate the occupations of their forefather through annual pearl diving festival. Kuwait is also a paradise for sea cruisers and sailors. The sea is barely rough for sea travellers and cool breeze awaits them. Yatching is one of the most favorite water sports in Kuwait and so as diving. The marine life in this country is thriving despite of the pollution brought about by the invasion of Iraq. You can also experience island-hopping adventure, visiting the magnificent islands of Kuwait such as Kubbar. It is a one-day island escapade where you can swim, picnic or fish on the scenic spot of your choice. You can never get bored with all these outdoor activities that Kuwait can offer.

You can see marvelous architectures in Kuwait and these are part of the main attractions of the country. This includes towers, museums, monuments and mosques. By the looks of it, you can determine how the residents of Kuwait depict their Arabic style in construction and how they value their country's culture. The attraction towers in Kuwait includes the Kuwait Towers which is made up of three towers that serves not only as a tourist spot but a water reservoir as well and the Liberation Tower, the tower they named after their triumph over Iraq. The Liberation Tower is a skyscraper which gives an excellent overview of Kuwait especially during the night when the country is well-lit. Aside from these towers, the Kuwait National Museum is a must-see for all the visitors. It contains outstanding Islamic arts, historical artifacts and rare Islamic manuscripts.


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