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Israel Travel Guide

Whether you have the same beliefs with that of Moses, Abraham, Judas or simply a curious pious observer, a trip to Israel might just give you the surprise of your lifetime. Israel is on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea and in the southwest part of the Asian continent. It is surrounded by Lebanon in the north, Syria and Jordan in the east and Egypt on the southwest. Despite being a small country, Israel's climate varies as to where you intend to visit. Some mountainous regions can be windy, cold and snowy while some coastal cities have typical Mediterranean climate characterized by the cool, rainy winters and long hot summers.

Take special note that there are specific guidelines with regard to visa issuance for this country. Be sure to check the regulations that apply for your citizenship to ensure a hassle free vacation.

Israel has several airports scattered all over the country but Ben Gurion International Airport, which is located in the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, is the main airport hub and the largest and busiest airport in the country.

Since your tour must start somewhere, you can begin this by visiting some natural wonders of nature. First, you can go to The Dead Sea. It is literally a sea of hypersalinated water and is also considered the lowest point in Earth. Another body of water worth visiting is the Sea of Galilee which is a freshwater lake located in northern Israel. If the sight of greens relaxes you, you can visit nearby the Ein Gedi which is a nature reserve, kibbutz, and botanical gardens on the shores of the Dead Sea. There is also Israel National Parks is also a series of national parks up and down the country. You can also go to Ein Avdat which is a canyon situated in the National Park and you can stop by Mitzpe Ramon, which is a crater or cliff located in the middle of the Negev desert. It is the largest of three similar craters found in Israel.

Of course, you should not forget to stop by famous archeological wonders. Most of these historical places are already declared by UNESCO to be world heritage sites. These include Hazor which is the largest ancient site in the country, Masada which is a powerful symbol for modern Israelites and located on top of a plateau above Dead Sea, Megiddo which is the location of several key battles including Armageddon and Incense Route which is a desert city.

Other spectacular tourist spots to explore are Beth Shean which contains the remains of Canaanite, Egyptian and Romano-Byzantine cities and Caesarea which is reminiscent of Herod the Great's Roman city by the sea. If you think castles can only be found in England, then you have to pay a quick visit to Belvoir Castle and Nimrod Castle. They are crusader castles located high above the Sea of Galilee.

Last but not the least, interact with the Israelites. Many say that they're like prickly pears which are tough on the outside but juicy sweet on the inside. If you take your time to get to know them, you will be surprised to know that they're very kind and hospitable too. With an open mind and an open heart, you might just come back with a wiser sense of your spiritual understanding.


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