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Bahrain Travel Guide

Looking for a country that has a distinct culture and will give you the much needed escape from your typical work day? Then, Bahrain might be a perfect choice for you. The island is constantly being developed to the fullest to be able to give tourists the retreat and satisfaction they need. Located at between the east of Saudi Arabia and west of Qatar, the island promises scenic and historic sites for tourists' young and old alike.

Some of which are old Portugese forts which is at Riffa - a popular attraction in Bahrain. Then you can visit the restored house of a pearl merchant also called a "Muharraq", the Al-Khamis mousque and the Barbar temple. This shall give you a glimpse on what ancient Bahrain structures look like. There is also the Bahrain museum and wherein you can submerge yourself in the rich Arabian culture of the country.

For the sports-buff, there are also many activities in Bahrain that may want to try out. There is horse riding and racing - fit for those who wants the adrenaline rush that speed gives or for those who are very fond of horses. For the men and golf-afficionados out there, who said you'll have to give your golf-clubs a rest? Bring them along! Bahrain boasts of the Riffa Golf Club - with a golf course patterned after the Professional Golf association specifications and is environmental friendly, any golfer would just have to play there for at least once.

Find horse riding and golf too boring? Try diving. Unknown to many, Bahrain also has a scenic diving spot wherein tourists can see a wide array of fishes, coral reefs and many more. A word of caution though, there are also whalesharks so be sure to dive only under supervision of a veteran diver who has met the international standards for teaching diving.

For the shopaholic, Bahrain also serves as a haven for shoppers with their markets also known as The Souk. There are 3 types of Souk in Bahrain. There is The Souk (the central market which carries textile, spices and a variety of things), the gold souk (where in there is a wide and affordable selection of stylish jewelries maid of Bahrain gold) and of course the cloth souk ( this carries clothes and textiles of different variations, most also accept made-to-order at a very affordable price).

Of course, what is any country in the Middle East without is abundant supply of oil? Bahrain was the first country in the region wherein oil was discovered. Located in a close distance from the pioneer oil well in the land, the oil museum was built for the 60th year when oil was discovered in Bahrain. It exhibits some facts, documents, tools and old photographs and an oil rig that is still in good condition.

So if ever you consider visting the Middle East, make Bahrain your destination and be prepared to be welcomed by the warmth, hospitality and arab coffee. You wouldn't want to miss it.


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