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Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland is just a small country with a land area of 41,000 square kilometers bordered by countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Liechtenstein. Because of Switzerland's neighboring countries, the languages of the Swiss are based on their languages as well. Switzerland has 4 native languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh.

Switzerland has 26 "cantons" or Switzerland's federal states. This country is made up of three topographical areas; the Alps, plateau and Jura mountains. Dufourspitze is the highest of the Swiss Alps at 15,000 feet. There are many more high peaks found on the Swiss Alps which you could visit and explore. Switzerland's famous mountain is Matterhorn found in Pennine Alps and is bordering Italy.

Switzerland's most famous tourist places are Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne and Interlaken. Geneva is just a small city and it's relatively simple. Remarkably, almost half of the population in Geneva are made out of foreigners mostly from the US or France. Geneva has a picture-perfect location. It's in the middle of the River Rhone that is flowing out of Lake Geneva, and the peaks of Savoy Alps. Geneva is known as the global city because of the presence of many international organizations and lots of United Nations' agency headquarters. Geneva is also known to be one of the few to be chosen as the greenest cities in Europe. Geneva has many parks that offer a great ambiance for relaxation. If you're in Geneva, make sure to visit the European Headquarters of UN. You can only access the place through guided tours. There you would see a 2,000 seater assembly hall and their council chamber with gold murals that decorates the room and depicts the human struggle to have peace.

Another great tourist spot in Switzerland is Lucerne. It's located south of Zurich and Basle. Lucerne is one of the most visited places in Switzerland with its picturesque mountain views and lakes. About 5 million visitors go to visit Lucerne each year! Because of this, tourism became the number 1 source of income for the people of Lucerne. Cafe culture is predominant in this city as many of its young people are in a coffee craze. Lucerne is a magical place that is worth a visit.

Zurich is one of the biggest towns in Switzerland yet it's known to be the cleanest and most efficient of all cities in Europe. Zurich's art and culture have progressed over the past couple of years. Clubs and disco pubs have sprouted over the country. If you're on a budgeted vacation, why not visit Zurich's other neighboring cities? Baden and Winterthur have many galleries and museums to visit and the accommodations here is much cheaper than the cost of accommodation in Zurich.

Interlaken is dominated by German-speaking people in Switzerland. A winter sport like skiing on their spectacular Alps is one of the highlights of this place. Interlaken lies between two lakes; Lake Thun and Brienz. The resorts offer numerous water sports year-round. Accommodations in Interlaken are friendly on the budget and the beauty of the place is definitely worth visiting.

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