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Spain Travel Guide

If you are looking for diversity, fun, great people, remarkable food and more then Spain is a definite place for you. Spain has both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coastlines and there are four official languages spoken which will make you feel as if you are in four places at once. Spain has changed remarkably through the years. Its roads and bridges are quite excellent, the architectures can compete with those in France and most of the population is well-educated.

Spanish people have a certain zest for life. They enjoy every minute of their lives with fun and different activities in which they share with their family and friends. They value their relationship with their family first before work unlike in some countries. You will never feel out of place in Spain as they are very friendly, quite helpful and they do smile a lot which is great as it shows their accommodating character.

If you crave for a little Spanish flavor in palette then head on over to one of Spain's restaurants and experience a culinary wonderment. Paella (rice dish), chorizo sausage, El frite (fried lamb), seafood, Valencia oranges and a whole lot of olives. Small snacks such as Calamares fritos, shrimp, Chorizo sausage, Albondigas (meatballs) and garlic flavored chicken wings are available for quick food trips.

After a scrumptious meal, it's time to see Spain's amazing sceneries. Churches are seen almost everywhere in Spain's regions and its outstanding structure is truly a sight to behold. One of the nicest things here in Spain is the vibe it that it gives, it's like living in a big city and village both at the same time. Picturesque sceneries that will leave you breathless can be seen right outside your accommodation. For art buffs, museums are accessible for your pleasure. Green valleys and lush mountains add to Spain's beauty. Charming old towns and amazing structures make Spain a wonderful place to visit.

If you're on a budget, hostels are available for your resting needs. Don't expect any hotel services like room service, but most hostels are only a few blocks away from Spain's main attractions. Hotels and apartments offer a pricier but full serviced stay. There are many accommodations to choose from; ones nearest to the city and the main attractions and there are those which let you see nature up close.

Street shops and flea markets are the best places to go shopping when in Spain. From ceramics to books to clothes to furniture and many more, you will surely find something amazing in the streets of Spain. There are also some department stores, malls or boutiques for your shopping needs; although some merchandise can be a bit expensive you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

You can choose different kind of transportation modes in Spain: rent a car, ride the train or take the bus. When renting a car be sure to check the gasoline prices to be sure of undisrupted sight seeing. Eurolines is one of the main bus companies in Spain, you can access their website to reserve tickets and check out promos and discounts. All the cities in Spain are well connected by trains; you can choose different trains depending on your choice of price and train speed.

If you have fantasized about sitting beside a stream reading a book quietly, engaging yourself in fun and activities, seeing stunning landscapes or taking a stroll through streets which offers several sights then Spain can definitely make your fantasies a reality.