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Slovenia Travel Guide

People are always looking for exotic and romantic places to spend their holidays. The European countries remain the favorite destinations for many tourists for a number of reasons. However, during the peak season, the crowds that build up can be unpleasant for those travelers who are looking forward to a peaceful vacation. If you want to spend your time communing with nature and go hiking or caving, then Slovenia is the perfect hideaway for you. This central European country may be relatively small in terms of size but it has several treasures to offer and its natural charm will definitely enchant its guests.

Slovenia is flanked by four other countries located in the various directions - Austria on the north, Croatia on the south, Hungary to the northeast and Italy to the northwest. Ljubljana is the country's capital city, which is quite vibrant and has a lot of attractions. For those people who are interested in architectural structures - whether Art Nouveau, Baroque or Renaissance, this city has these as their main features. The rest of the cities should be included in your itinerary as well such as Ptuj and Celje, which are two of the country's oldest cities. The towns that make up these cities have their respective medieval appeal.

The Julian Alps are certainly remarkable sights to view given the magnificent and impressive mountain peaks. Visitors in Slovenia spend most of their time skiing along the slopes of these mountains. Touring the scenic spots will be easy since you can choose among the different modes of transportation such as trains or buses. In case you prefer to have your own vehicle, then you can simply rent out a car to have more mobility. For people who love the outdoors very much, you could take advantage of the 2,000 hours of sunshine that this country is supposed to experience annually.

If you want to go caving, then your first destination should be the Karst caves. This is a limestone plateau with thermal springs; hence you can opt to have a thermal bath while you are there. When it comes to beaches, you should proceed to the city of Portoroz. You can fritter your time away lounging under the sun and enjoying the sand and the warm water of the beach. The climate varies among the country's terrains so you can expect the weather to change if you move from one area to another. While staying on the coast, you will experience the Mediterranean climate. If you are in the plateaus or the valleys, the climate will be Continental with the temperature during the summer season ranging from mild to hot and the winter to be extremely cold.

The Slovenian cuisine is generally made up of meat thus this might not suit well for the vegetarians. You can choose to dine from the many restaurants and fast food stores. There are also the local deserts called gibanica and potica, which you ought to try. Slovenia is one country that tourist looking for a relaxing holiday should visit. As its tourism industry is promoting, it has the distinction of being the only country that contains the word "love" as part of its name.