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Slovakia Travel Guide

Slovakia is one of the rare places nowadays that has an unspoiled environment and every area seemed like a perfect spot for tourists to unwind and get captivated. Although Slovakia was not actually a famous tourist destination before, it already welcomed many visitors from different countries after it got its independence. In the latter part of 1990's there were at least 500,000 tourists coming each year at Slovakia. Since then, the tourism of the Slovakia became very thriving. As a matter of fact, in year 2006, there were about 30.6 million tourists who visited Slovakia. This is because Slovakia draws a lot of nature lovers since it is abundant in dramatic landscapes and stunning castles that are second to none.

If you want to get close to nature like you have never experienced before, then Slovakia is the ideal place for you. There are a lot of eco-tourism packages that would take you to the most amazing and spectacular natural scenes you will lay your eyes on. Don't miss having a tour at the so-called "Blue Eyes of the Slovak Mountains". It is made up by the Tatra peaks along with the Tatra lakes that the locals of Slovakia call it as tarns. When viewed from above, riding a helicopter, it creates a very picturesque scenery that would fascinate all those who would see it. The color of the lake is very unique because of their location and because of the different shades that come from the mountains that surrounds it. Slovakia is rich in Tatra lakes with sparkling waters as a result of the glaciers melting in the area. There are at least 100 Tatra lakes and the biggest is the Veľké Hincovo pleso.

For those who want to explore the culture and the history of Slovakia, there are many areas in here where you can get a glimpse of what are the events happened few decades ago. There are a lot of castles scattered in Slovakia that comes in different forms and sizes. The style of the castle of Bratislava is simple yet stunning. It is located in the capital of Slovakia where it stands alone in an isolated hill of Little Carpathians. At the top of this rectangular castle, you can have a great view of the Bratislava. Another castle in Slovakia where many tourists go is the Bojnice castle. This is not just a castle but a museum as well. Bojnice castle is the perfect decription of the castles mentioned in fairy tales. This is where the castle in Disneyland got its inspiration. This is one of the most famous spots here in Slovakia.

Slovakia is also a place for different thrilling activities not just for those who want to stroll and do some sight-seeing. Slovakia offers different activities during the winter and summer season. When snow falls, it is a host for different international competitions such as skiing, dog sledding, snowboarding, and more. But when the snow melts and summer arise, Slovakia caters woodrafting, boating, and canoeing for the adventurers.