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Romania Travel Guide

Romania is a popular tourist destination in Europe and is always among the top when it comes to number of visitors it attracts each year. Romania is rich in natural and cultural diversity making it a very interesting place to visit and learn a lot at the same time enjoying the natural and man made wonders of the country. With its dramatic and scenic mountain ranges and the thick forest of the Carpathian Mountains, the Delta of Danube a lake that stretches to a number of countries in Europe and long stretch of white sand beach located near Romania's Black Sea Coast.

Romania's picturesque mountain peaks and valleys have a wealthy collection of winter and health resorts that attracts even more tourists from all over the world for nature relaxation, while for the more cultural inclined travelers the Saxon towns of the likes of Transylvania which is renowned for being the setting of Dracula's home of Bran Castle offers interesting sights as well and the monasteries of the Bucovina in the rural village of Maramures.

Romania's capital city, Bucharest which is known as the “Paris of the Balkans” because of its romantic and ideal city setting is also a favorite among tourists, with its scenic streets, coffee shops found on its large sidewalks, squares, parks and great architecture as well as the friendly locals all contribute in making it an ideal vacation spot.

Another interesting city in Romania is Sibiu in Transylvania which was adjudged as the 2007 Capital of Culture in Europe for the many cultural artifacts that it represents through its infrastructures, museums and architecture as well.

Any journey across Romania will offer travelers a chance of tasting some of the great tasting cuisines that are traditionally Romanian food and often leaves a long lasting effect on the tastes of tourists. Wine is also a popular indulgence in Romania with Red wines coming from some of the nation's famous vineyards of Dealy, Jidveri, Cotnari, Odobesti and Dealu.

Romania has some of the best medieval towns, majestic castles and also a place ideal for wildlife and hiking experiences with many mountainside, lakes and national parks to choose from. Romania, with its diverse culture and scenic landscapes makes almost every place a postcard quality setting and makes every traveler enjoy every minute of their stay in the country of Romania.

From the rich source of tourists delight like the grand vacation settings of the finest medieval towns found in Transylvania, villages all over Romania like in Maramures, the magnificent architecture of its capital city, Bucharest, the romantic appeal of the Delta of Danube and many fairy tale like castles, great beaches along the Black Sea and the wonderful painting like mountain peaks in the Carpathian regions makes Romania the ideal choice for a wonderful holiday destination.

Romania with all of its appeals and gifts stands out among a lot of countries not only in Europe but in the world as well, the highlight of your stay in Romania will not be limited rather it will be a never ending spectacular experiences.