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Poland Travel Guide

Poland has since become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It has a very diverse history, culture and demographics that attract travelers from all over the world. Poland offers a mixture of old and new with regards to the architectures of its cities, many national parks, nature reserves, landscapes parks and historical sites especially those that reminds us about its history particularly World War II memorials. Travelers can enjoy the great local hospitality, lively nightlife, local cuisines, city life, medieval castles, caves, scenic mountainside, deserts, lakes and a lot more, the choice is never ending.

The tourist days or season peaks at the months of May until September with tourists flocking the Baltic beaches of Poland with its world class resorts and the Masurian Lake is bustling with sail boats and holiday makers.

For the skiers the best time to enjoy skiing in Poland is in the month of december until march with Poland's mountain regions offering spectacular skiing locations with great amenities like ski hotels, cable cars and chalets especially in the Tatra Mountains which is Poland's winter skiing capital offers the best skiing facilities.

In Poland's capital city of Warsaw, which is the most destroyed city during World War II is now considered as one of the most beautiful city in Europe. Warsaw is the center of Poland's historical and cultural life that boasts over 20 world class museums and classic theaters and of course the grand architecture. National Parks are also present in Warsaw like the Kampinos National Park. Over all Warsaw is one of the finest cities in the world where tourists can feel at home while at the same time enjoying a new culture and surrounded by wonderful city sights.

In the Eastern region of Poland, the place of Lublin can be found, it is an elegant medieval type university city and the Labunka River and the place of Zamosc it's an old town that was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These places give interesting choices for tourists especially the many structures and buildings designed by renowned architect Bernardo Morando. The Bialowieza National Park also is situated here and its thick forested area stretches the border with Belarus and is a dwelling place for some of the world's rare forest living species.

In Krakow City, the scenic Tatra Mountains can be found and is the place where a lot of World War II historical sites can be found. It is best for historical tours and a lot of interesting tourist places like the Cloth Hall, The National Museum, The Old Synagogue, Wawel Castle, Gothic Cathedral which is the former burial grounds of Polish Kings and the Czartoryski Palace are just a few of many delights of Krakow.

These are just some of the major attractions of Poland. A great part of the country is well recommended for travelers with diverse interests as Poland is a mixture of some of the world's best culture, traditions, heritage and a rich history as well and all of these are well represented by the cities all over Poland. Mingling with the Polish people is a great experience already much more to the delight of enjoying beautiful and interesting surroundings as well.