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Netherlands Travel Guide

The Netherlands is a nation with an abundance of white beaches, windmills, lakes and canals and more importantly a country only starting to be discovered by tourists. The capital city Amsterdam, on the other side is filled with tourists all year long to enjoy the various lively hang out places in this bustling cosmopolitan and trendy city with classic, modern and post modern architecture with a terrain perfect for any activities and wonderful sceneries plus the hospitable nature of the locals.

Summer is the best time to enjoy the sights in Netherlands, picnics in one of its many canals is a best way to enjoy the holiday and the sights as well. Spring is another good time to visit as the tulips and daffodils becomes more visible and the Easter months in Amsterdam is another busy time for travelers in the city like in Koninginnedag. During the so called Indian summer in the months of october the country is filled with many music festivals worth attending and the winter months is good for skating and skiing, pretty much sums the whole year as the best time to pay the Netherlands a visit.

The capital city, Amsterdam is one of the coolest and stylish cities in Europe, a bit of laid back but hip and beautiful with a lot of things to do and visit. Like the pubs which serves world class drinks, tasty local cuisines which ranks up there with the world's best, friendly people and a mixture of great looking architecture and the over all design of the city makes it an ideal city to travel around.

During the summer time the park of Vondelpark is a popular tourist and locals meeting place and is the center of all activities from music festivals and concerts to art exhibitions and plays.

Rotterdam, another bustling city in Netherlands has since become a developed city which is a far cry from being one of the most damages cities during World War II. Today Rotterdam has become a site for many landmarks like city hall, the white house and the St. Laurence Church. High buildings rises from all over Rotterdam and a mixture of great architecture and canals and tunnels make this city a very ideal destination for travelers as well.

Around Amsterdam there are a lot of nearby interesting places like the popular cheese market located at Waagplein and the romantic villages of Volendam and Marken.

In Haarlem which is a mere 12 miles from Amsterdam offers a scenic bulb fields especially during the months of March until May and a few museums like the Teyler Museum and the Frans Hals Museum, also worth your time is the St Bravo Church which houses a pipe organ that was used by Mozart.

These are just a few of the interesting places in Netherlands and these are just the ones found in the near vicinity of Amsterdam for it is impossible to list all places as there are so many in Netherlands and that makes it as the main reason why Netherlands is fast becoming a major tourist attraction in the world today.