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Lithuania Travel Guide

Lithuania is a republic, located in the northern part of Europe. It is situated in the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The neighboring countries of Lithuania includes Latvia at the North, the Russian exclave to the southwest and Belarus, bordered on the southeast of Lithuania. Since March 2004, Lithuania is an official member of the NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. After a few months, the European Union recognized Lithuania as one of its members. Tourists coming from the neighboring countries of Lithuania as well as tourists from all over the world were drawn in Lithuania and the tourism industry is one of the fast-rising industries currently in this country.

There are at least six major cities in Lithuania. These cities are not just places where business and other investment deals happen; it serves as tourist destinations in Lithuania as well. In Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, there are already many spots where tourists would love to take a picture. The churches have unique architectural designs. So as the hotels, restaurants, and museums that all sprouted since the country got its independence. Some of the tourist spots in Vilnius are the Town Hall, the Pilies Street, and the Old Town. The Old Town in Lithuania's capital is the historical center of the country and considered as one of the largest towns in Europe. Here, you will see the Cathedral Square and the Gediminas Castle. These two sights are the prime landmarks and symbols of the Old Town. Because of its uniqueness, in 1994, UNESCO recognized the Old Town of Vilnius as one of the World Heritage Sites. Aside from Vilnius, other major cities in Lithuania include Kuanas, Siauliai, Klaipeda, Panavezys, and Kedainiai.

Lithuania is also abundant in national parks. The views are simply stunning and the whole area is very captivating. There are at least five national parks here in Lithuania. First on the list is the Aukstaitija National Park which is located at the north-eastern area of Lithuania. Among the five, Aukstaitija is the oldest since by 1974, the park was already established. You can find sparkling lakes, villages, and outdoor museums here in Aukstaitija. The remaining four national parks are Kursiu Nerija National Park, Zemaitija National Park, Dzujika National Park, and last but definitely not the least, the Trakai Historical National Park. The latter is located 25 kilometers away west of the capital city and is very popular because of its isolated Trakai Island Castle surrounded by green pines and blue waters of Lithuania.

Resorts are also prevalent here in Lithuania. Every summer, people from all over Lithuania and tourists as well, rush to the Palanga. This is the summer capital of the country. It is filled with fine sand beaches and you can have a great view of the dramatic dawning of the sun. There is also the Juodkrante which used to be a luxurious German resort. Aside from the excellent resort, Juodkrante has also three major attractions such as the Land and Water Sculpture Park, the so-called Hill of Witches, and the colonies of cormorant and heron.