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Hungary Travel Guide

Hungary is another popular tourist destination in Europe. It prides itself as a country with limitless cultural and ideal places that will capture the interests of tourists coming from all over the world. Hungary provides a unique and long stretches of beautiful bodies of water like the Lake Balaton, medicinal springs, endless marvelous country sides and bustling artistic, classic and architecturally gifted cities and towns. Orchards and Vineyards, national parks and other nature haven almost treat visitors to a paradise like experience.

In Budapest which is the country's capital city one will see the majestic looking Danube River surrounded by sensational medieval buildings and a bustling city with friendly people and a lively nightlife makes Budapest a popular destination for writers, musicians and other artists. It provides a magical setting for those who want a serene and beautiful city setting.

In the place of Buda, the famous Gellert Hill offers a great view of the whole city, mountainside and rivers, while the nearby Citadella is a place where a fort was built to commemorate the 1848 uprising. The Royal Palace houses the beautiful National Gallery which has a large collection of modern Hungarian art and Gothic sculpture also the Historical Museum of Budapest is located nearby.

The Danube region is another popular destination and a favorite place for summer vacation, this historic town offers a majestic setting with rivers, old market town, architecturally gifted churches and streets that offers great layouts and the wonderful images of Serbian inspired houses all adds to this village charm and uniqueness.

In Visegrad travelers can visit the 15th century palaces that have been restored and the Museum of Matyas and the Tower of Salamon which displays a lot of archaeological artifacts and discoveries.

In the Esztergom region contains the largest Basilica in Hungary, Palace ruins and the Museum of the Esztergom Stronghold and the Christian Museum as well, this is well recommended for art lovers.

The Lake Balaton offers a nice lakeside retreat and other landmarks like the Fire watch tower, The Gothic Goat Church, Storno House which displays Avar and Celtic relics as well as the famous Church of St Michael.

The area of the "Alföld" which covers more than one half of the whole of Hungary has thousands of vineyards, farmland and orchards. Mainly a favorite colony of artists and also the center of the country's folk music, this place offer wonderful towns with great architecture and far ranging crafts products. Other places of interest in this region include the Kiskunsag National Park, alkali lakes and plateaus which provides some breathtaking sights. The town of Baja, a picturesque tiny town located at the banks of the Sugovica and Danube rivers makes this region a recommended place for tourists.

These are just some of the many wonderful places to explore in Hungary, not to mention the great experience of mingling with the locals and tasting their tasty cuisines, night life and indulging with their rich history and traditions that are well represented by the settings of country's cities, towns and architecture. Hungary is truly a great travel destination.