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When someone mentions Greece, the first thing that comes to everybody's minds is that this is the lair of the famous gods and goddesses as well as popular myths. Greece indeed has a rich culture which is very obvious in its architectures and artifacts. Not only that Greece is a great place to explore different customs and traditions but this is also an excellent tourist destination at the same time. There are two seasons in Greece, but no matter what the season is, may it be winter or summer, you may visit and enjoy the country which is abundant in so many surprises for both locals and tourists.

Athens is the capital of Greece and one of the main cities in the country. In Athens alone, your eyes will be filled with all the stunning ancient sites, architectures and museums. One of the main attractions in Athens is the Acropolis, also known as the Sacred Rock. This ancient site and landmark of Athens and the whole country of Greece was built in honor of the goddess of wisdom - Athena, which is the protector of the city. The Acropolis can be viewed in almost every part of the Athens. Up until now, the Sacred Rock still stands and remains as the most classical and glorious architecture in the city.

Aside from Athens, Haldiki is also one of the major places in Greece where most tourists are drawn. Not only that it has unique architectures but magnificent beaches as well. The whole family can enjoy the warm and calm turquoise blue waters of Haldiki. There are more than ten different resorts where they can experience the paradisiacal beaches that is perfectly combined with the lush forest and dense vegetation. You need more than a few days to explore the beaches in Haldiki. Each and every beach is way different than the other and their distinct features make it more beautiful than the other.

In Pelion, many tourists who are sea-adventure seekers find this place as their haven. There are many water-related activities that can be done here in Pelion such as diving, sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports activities. Pelion is known for its well protected harbor located in Agia Kyriaki. Divers would be fascinated with the shipwrecks, caverns, walls, reefs, and large mammals such as dolphins and whales, that can be seen in this one of a kind sea exploration.

If you wish to visit museums and other significant locations in Greece, then you must go to Deplhi. In the ancient world, Delphi is recognized as the spiritual and cultural center of the world. There are many significant structures and temples in Delphi but only one stands out. The most important temple in the city of Delphi is the so-called Sanctuary of Apollo. This was dedicated to Apollo - the oracular god, who built the oracle of Delphi. The Delphi museum is also a must-see because of the different collections, artifacts, sculptures, and other exciting items that are still well-preserved since 5th century B.C.


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