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Finland Travel Guide

Finland is an ideal travel location because of its tranquility and scenic surroundings brought upon by wonderful lakes, rivers, mountains, countryside and bustling cities. It is known for its vast lakes, forests and small towns filled with friendly people who likes to entertain tourists.

During the so called "midnight sun" the coastal region of Finland becomes fishing and sailing paradise and Inland will see the majestic wilderness of Finland that every year manages to attract many travelers and trekkers from all over the world. In the southern region and in the capital city of Finland, which is Helsinki tourists flock for indulgence of the great architecture and vast art collection and rich culture of Finland.

All year round there are a lot of events happening all over Finland, one will never ran out of interesting things to do and places to explore. During the summer months of May until September or the midnight sun tourists will have to check the lakes and forests of Finland where camping out surrounded by beautiful sceneries brings a joyous experience. Skiing is done during the months starting from November until the end of February which is the coldest month.

Finland is well known for its abundance of lakes, with over 200,000 lakes scattered all over the country, thick forests and woods that stretches to seas, everywhere you go hunting and fishing is a great activity in Finland.

Tourists can immerse in the alcoholic drinks from Finland which is known all over the world for its great tasting vodkas like the Koskenkorva and enjoy a merry making night with the locals in one of the many pubs and clubs that are located all around Finland.

Ski resorts are also aplenty in Finland with cross country skiing and alpine skiing becoming a popular tourist activity, ski resorts in Lapland and surrounding cities offers the best skiing amenities.

During winters Finland is also famous for its ice castles and snow castles built each year in the northern part town of Kemi. Also in the Rovaniemi is the town where tourists flock to see the enthralling Aurora Borealis of the Northern Lights phenomenon. Tourists can enjoy sight seeing around the northern part of Finland while riding in a sleigh pulled by reindeers with Samiís leading the way in the tradition of Santa Claus.

Other more popular tourist destinations in Finland include Turky, Kupio, Tampere, Porvoo and Oulu. The capital city which is Helsinki is one of the cleanest cities in the world and offers travelers a great European style city experience plus a lot more brought on by its diverse culture, traditions and history.

Whether it is sailing, trekking, fishing, skiing, drinking, indulging in arts and architecture, tasting local cuisines and merely traveling around and enjoying the sights, Finland offers all of these plus a lot more with a very vast offerings that will suit the interests of all kinds of travelers from all over the world. Finland is really a country that will provide the best vacation experiences for people from all walks of life.