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Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark is considered as the smallest country in Scandinavia, having a total area of at least forty-three thousand square kilometers only. Currently, there is an approximated population of 5.5 million people living in Denmark including foreign travellers who decided to permanently stay here. The country of Denmark is usually made up of Jylland that is why there are times that Europeans call Denmark as Jylland. Jylland is a peninsula that starts from the northern part of Germany to Sjaelland and embraces the small island between the northern part and Sjaelland called Fyn. Moreover, Faroe Island as well as the Greenland.

One of the main tourist destinations in Denmark is its capital, Copenhagen. In this city your eyes will be filled with so many sceneries of unique architectures and old towns. There are a lot of old castles that are related to the royal family. The entertainment catered in Copenhagen is its main magnet for drawing tourists to visit. For those who love stage plays, ballet, and opera, the Royal Theater is the place that you should not miss. There are also ballet shows every day happening at the Pantomine theater. If you are fond of listening to the different types of music and melody, you must reserve a seat at the Radio House Concert Hall located in the western area of Copenhagen. The kingdom's greatest orchestras such as Radio Light Orchestra and National Radio Symphony Orchestra are the usual performers in this hall. However, pop concerts from local and foreign artists are usually held at the Circus Hall.

If you are not just for sight-seeing but country exploration as well, don't forget to go the town of Zealand. This is just few miles away from the city of Copenhagen. For more than thousands of years, Zealand has been the heart of Denmark's culture, economy and politics. Zealand is also recognized as the biggest island in Denmark. There are a lot of interesting places and sights that you can see in Zealand. In here, you will see the Viking Ship Museum that the country is proud of. The museum showcases five Viking ships that were recovered in 1962 at the Roskilde Bay. The museum also offers spectacular view of the Roskilde Fjord while you dine at the cafeteria located inside the said museum. UNESCO also recognized one site in Zealand and registered it as one of the World Heritage Sites. The Roskilde Cathedral has been a home for more than thirty-eight tombs of former kings and queens of the kingdom. The cathedral is also considered as the family church of the royal family of Denmark. Tourists may also sign up for a package that will take them to the Frederiksborg Slot in the northern area of Zealand. Here, they will be able to get a grasp of how a royal life is lived. Up until now, the palace in the Frederiksburg Slot is where the royal family spends its summer vacation.