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Croatia Travel Guide

For majority travelers, Europe is on the top of their list of places that they must visit. One of the highly recommended places that one ought to go to in the Southern part of Europe would be Croatia. Officially known as the Republic of Croatia, this country offers many things in terms of tourist attractions. All year-round, you are likely to find visitors taking photographs and mementos to commemorate their experience of their wonderful trip to Croatia. If you wan to peek at history or merely looking forward to a relaxing vacation then Croatia might be the answer to your needs.

What are considered the peak months for the tourism industry in Croatia are July and August while the crowded season is from April to September each year. Thus, if you are planning to travel to this place during this period, allocate a higher budget since the costs of staying in this country would be higher. This is logical since the existing accommodations would like to take advantage of the booming season to generate more income for the government. If you want to engage in sports activities, the climate during the months of May and June are conducive for endeavors suitable to the outdoors.

The country's capital is Zagreb city. If you are planning to go to Croatia by air then the international airport in this city connects to numerous of European countries. For transportation requirements, you have the option to conduct your tour with the help of the local busses, the trains as well as renting your own private vehicle. You ought to remember that for the latter case, driving on the right side is observed. In case you need to cross bodies of waters in between destinations, you should try using the ferries that ply these routes. Museums abound in Zagreb, which reflect the country's cultural history.

If you are interested to see the Diocletian's Palace, then you must schedule a day to go to Split, Dalmatia. Split is the most significant location in Dalmatia and the second biggest city in this country. The palace was named after a ruthless Roman Emperor named Diocletian who persecuted the early Christians during his reign. The structure that presently stands now has been altered in the Middle Ages. Despite the modifications made, this move did not reduce but rather enhanced the charm that this palace exudes. To enjoy the full experience in gazing at this amazing Roman ruins, you should allot at least 2 hours for this activity.

If you cannot get enough of historical edifices then you should proceed to the Trakoscan Castle that exhibits classical structures popular during the 12th as well as the 13th centuries. An aristocratic family originally inhabited this castle and the original pieces utilized by them are prominently featured inside. The castle can be viewed based on scheduled visiting hours. You should also try to spend some time in the exotic Adriatic islands surrounding Croatia. Miljet Island is one of these, which has been claimed to be the most seductive among the islands. This island contains lakes, forests and a Benedictine monastery.


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