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Belgium Travel Guide

There is definitely something about the country of Belgium that makes tourists from all over the world keep on coming back for more. The locals of Belgium are very friendly. They would give you warm welcome as you arrive at the airport and you would not have a hard time conversing and asking for directions since they can speak very well in English, ranking as the fourth unofficial language of Belgium. It is also a place where it is dotted by stunning architectures that are typically seen in the cobblestone squares. These architectures are simply the most beautiful creations especially during the night when it is given life by yellow lights, providing a very romantic ambiance for everybody. There are also vast array of food establishments where you can taste the most incredible cuisines in the world. Always leave room for another local and international cuisine because each meal would always taste better and better than the previous food you have tried. Belgium is definitely a tourist destination worth seeing because of its very carefree as well as energetic mood from day till night.

The kingdom of Belgium is located between two major tourist destinations - Netherlands and France. Editors and writers of travel magazines claim that the beauty of Belgium simply encompasses everything that the whole Europe could offer. The kingdom is so small that a tourist may be able to experience the best of Belgium within a day. It is small indeed but there are a lot of things waiting to be explored especially by foreign travellers. Prepare to pack a few poems with you as you take your special someone to a romantic cruise in the canal located in Bruges. There are also certain places in Belgium where one can hunt for the girl's best friend - diamonds, which are usually situated in Antwerp. Tourists may enjoy the sun, sand, and waffles at the beaches of Oostende. Experience the three day festival at Binche that happens every month of February and be captivated as the town takes you back to the 16th century through their musical parades and colourful costumes. If you want to feel like a prince or princess for a day, Belgium is abundant in castles which are well-preserved up until now. There you can see authentic antique furniture and display that reminds the locals of their past. If you are interested in antique items, you can browse the market located in Liege and take home a great souvenir from Belgium. There are also museums where you can see the works of the greatest artists in Belgium situated in Brussels. All these tour can be very exciting and can be done through walking especially if you want to see more picturesque sights of the kingdom. However, if you haven't experienced riding a train, then Belgium offers this type of transportation that would take you to all places within Belgium without so much fuss.

Belgium, also known as the Essence of Europe, is the perfect place to have that honeymoon because of all the things that this kingdom could offer and must-see sights that can never be imitated by any country in the world.