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Albania Travel Guide

Albania used to be a country isolated from the industry of tourism. This is because the previous communist regime tried to keep it away from the travellers who wanted to explore the exquisiteness of Albania. It was only the latter years of 1980's when tourists were permitted to visit the country. However, only Western tourists are allowed that time. But when the current government of the country that time realized that they will gain more income through tourism, they opened Albania to the public since then. Albania is abundant in rocky and dramatic mountains, historical monuments, fertile plains, and of course, stunning Meditteranean beaches.

This beautiful country is located near the Meditteranean Sea. Moreover, it is also near to the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea. This makes Albania as one of the countries with fast rising tourism industry. Many people consider this place as the perfect vacation spot to unwind and get close to nature's fine sands, sparkling waters and tropical sun. Because of this, many luxury and economical hotels were established to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors each year. However, even if there are already a lot of hotel and food establishments in the coastline of Albania, it still remains unspoiled by the modernization.

Aside from the beaches, which serve as the ideal summer getaway for the whole family, Albania has also many scenic spots inside its cities. First on the list is the Butrint. Also known as Buthrotum by the locals of Albania, Butrint is an archeological site and an ancient city located in this country. The ruins in Butrint used to be the place where the Epirot City was located. It has been well-preserved until now that the UNESCO recognized Butrint as one of the World Heritage Sites. Aside from Butrint, there is also another place in Albania where UNESCO considered as a World Heritage Site. It is known as the stone city of Gjirokaster. The stone city is one of the most admirable sites in Albania. The term Gjirokaster actually translates as the Silver Fortress. There were traces that humans already inhabited Albania since the 1st century BC. Another tourist destination in Albania is the Kruja. This is where Skanderberg, the national hero of Albania, was born and raised. Kruja is the balcony overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The main attraction here in Kruja is the castle of Skanderberg. It proudly stands in the rocky mountain of Albania and has been restored so many times by the government of the country in honor of their national hero.

Albania has a lot of castles built in its country. However, there are only eight major castles. All of these eight main castles were built during the Middle Ages. Some became museums while others are still inhabited by the country's First Family until now. This includes the castles of Gjirokastra, Porto - Palermo, Lezha, Rozafa, Butrinti, Kanina, Kruja, and Petrela. The government of Albania constantly renovate some of these castles by using stronger materials to make it last for more years to come.