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Panama Travel Guide

Panama can be found in the southeast part of Central America. With the Panama City as its capital, the country of Panama is a transcontinental nation that connects the South and North America. Its border countries are Costa Rica in the northwest and Colombia in the southeast. The Caribbean Sea can be found in the north part of Panama and the Pacific Ocean in the south. The country was controlled by Spain and became part of Columbia since 1821. The country of Panama became independent after a successful revolution with the help of the United States and gained control over the important Panama Canal.

Traveling to Panama has never been a problem as transportation is accessible. The country of Panama has its own Panama International airport located in Tocumen in Panama City, which serves international flights for distant and neighboring countries. One will surely enjoy the beautiful sceneries around Panama if you take the trans-isthmian route using the Panama Canal Railway, the successor of the world's transcontinental railroad called Panama Railway. Local buses can be found each minute in the key roads of every city, painted with unique airbrush design. If you want to reach your destination in the fastest time, taxis are so cheap with its flat basic rate of $1 to $1.25 across the city.

Most of the hotels in Panama can be found in Panama City though some of it can also be found in Panama provinces like Bocas Del Toro, Isla Colon and Pearl Islands. If you want to enjoy the Pacific side of Panama, the best months to come would be the months of december or january. Hiking is the most favorable activity in these months because Darién Gap could only be crossed during this time where weather is pleasant with little rain. During Panama's cold season, bringing warm clothes is a must as the temperature gets colder at night. You're in the edge if you're able to speak Spanish though Panamians can also speak English and Indian languages.

The Panama Canal is the main attraction of the country of Panama. Almost all activities that made the country successful were because of the transactions that evolved using the ship canal. Tourists are able to experience the 80-kilometer Panama Canal through its offered cruise trip of at least one Saturday a month. Miraflores lock is one of the Panama Canal locks, which is popularly visited by the country's guests. If you plan to see some of the country's good and unique architecture, try to visit the city hall and Panama Museum where you could see some of Panama's paintings and artifacts. Iglesia San Felippe is now considered a ruin with an attached small museum with religious art inside available for viewing for an admission of $1 only.

Panama Viejo on the other hand was the original city of Panama established in 1519. It then became one of Panama's ruin destinations after its inhabitants abandoned the place as pirates sacked the city in 1671. Its people then moved to Casco Vieja maintained and preserved now by Panama's National Institute of Culture.


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