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Nicaragua Travel Guide

Nicaragua is known to be the largest nation in the region of Central America near the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Its neighboring country is Honduras in the north and northwest, Costa Rica in the south and bordered by the Caribbean Sea in the east. The largest city inside Nicaragua and serves as the country's capital was Managua. Nicaragua is considered to be an island paradise because of its blooming beach breaks, colonial towns, and volcanoes where guest could do a lot of activities. As most people know, Nicaragua has been a trouble spot for years because of the civil war that originated between foreign countries but after the war, the country began to thrive for its own development.

Tourism became the nation's second largest industry with about 60 thousand tourists a year who visits Nicaragua and increases its tourism growth each year. It is said that month's of december to january are the best times to visit the country of Nicaragua. It is because these months are considered dry season wherein you could do lots of activities that you'll surely enjoy. During this season the most popular destinations to be found in Nicaragua are its landscape, culture, flora and fauna, beaches, lakes and volcanoes. Learning the culture of the native Nicaraguans is surely a pleasant thing to do too.

The city of Granada in Nicaragua is the most in demand place for tourist in the country during peak months. Though it is only the third largest city in the country, the city of Granada had been the center of commerce of Lake Nicaragua for years now. Other than these, this colonial city of Nicaragua with faded pastel facades is most known because of its ringing church bells. If you want to get to the most accessible volcano from Granada, Volcan Mombacho would be the choice as getting there needs only a few travel and walking or hiking. Another popular place to visit in Lake Nicaragua or Granada would be the Las Isletas de Granada, which is known to be a tropical paradise with its 354 chains of islands. Other than volcanoes and islands, cathedrals in Granada are also a tourist spot because of its historical past and architecture.

If you want to see most of the universities, religious colleges, largest cathedral in all Central America, and other colonial churches, Leon has a lot to offer as this city is known to be the intellectual capital of Nicaragua. Volcanoes can also be found at Leon and one of it is the Telica Volcano, which heats the underground river that supplies the sulphuric hot spring water of Hervideros de San Jacinto. The capital city of Nicaragua, Managua, is a tourist attraction too since the city had been severely affected by an Earthquake on 1972 and civil wars after that. Colonial architectures and museums can be found in this capital city. Other than volcanoes, people also visits the lagoons as the center of water sports with residential options and activities such as boating, fishing and picnicking.

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