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Honduras Travel Guide

As the second largest country in Central America, there's a lot to see in the country of Honduras. It gained its independence on 1821 after being colonized in the early 1500s by the Spaniards. After that, it became the Republic of Honduras on 1838. Bounded by the Caribbean Sea in the north, Honduras has its neighboring countries like Nicaragua in the east and south, El Salvador in the southwest and Guatemala in the west. In the southwest part of Honduras can be found the largest and known world's ocean called Pacific Ocean. With its breathtaking beaches, jungles, mountain regions, ruins and national parks, Honduras is a great place for a tourist destination.

Transportation at Honduras is easy as the country can be accessed by air and by land by its neighboring countries. International airports in Honduras can be found in its key cities like San Pedro Sula and Honduras' largest city, their capital city, Tegucigalpa. However, there are also international airports in Roatan and La Ceiba. Local flights are available as it serves flights of about 4 to 5 times a day to certain destinations. No one could ever complain about the bus service on Honduras because buses are available after every 25 minutes particularly from Tela to La Ceiba. Cabs are always at bay when you want to get to your destination in the fastest time. You can always book for a hotel reservation in one of the hotels in Honduras as most of it offers services like transportation to any of its tourist spots with free entrance passes.

If you want to see the beautiful beaches of Honduras, the most accessible would be the beaches near the coastal city of Puerto Cortez and in a small town of Omoa where you could see not only the beaches but also the historical Spanish Colonial Fortress. On the other hand, beaches in the Island of Roatan are the most popular among the beaches of Honduras. It is because the island offers long, pristine and beautiful beaches where anyone could stroll around. Because the island has its own airport served by Honduras airlines and daily flights from Honduras' local cities, you can feel international party atmosphere in Roatan. Other than diving and snorkeling, nightlife is a popular activity done by the visitors of this island. Beaches at Guanaja, Tela, and Utila are also a must see.

Known as the archaeological city in the western part of Honduras, Copan is a place where you can find the great Mayan civilization that flourished 3,000 years before Christ. Nowadays, Copan is known for its Mayan Ruins like pyramids, temples, and stone monuments that the city could be proud of. Since Honduras is mostly wilderness, it's becoming one of the world's ecotourism destinations. The national parks in Honduras keeps 700 species of birds and one of it are the Harpy Eagle. Rare mammals like pumas, jaguars, giant anteaters, and mantled howler monkeys can also be found. A new private butterfly and insect museum in La Ceiba which contains 12,000 butterflies and insects from other countries with 9,000 insects from Honduras itself, attracts hundreds of visitors since it opened.

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