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Guatemala Travel Guide

Guatemala is a stunningly beautiful place whose neighboring countries are Mexico and Belize in the north. While in the south of Guatemala is where Honduras and El Salvador is situated. This country is also known as the Land of Eternal Spring because of its greener-than-green forests, tropical jungles and sparkling bodies of water. With the efforts of the local inhabitants known as the Mayans, the tourism in Guatemala is rapidly increasing its popularity. Guatemela can now be compared to the likes of other tourist destinations in terms of attractions, accommodations and adventure.

It is also recognized as the Land of Eternal Spring because of its very steady climate. Everyday is the best day to visit Guatemala. There is no bad weather or season to consider that would prevent you from enjoying this country. Guatemala boasts a very predictable tropical climate especially in the lowlands along the eastern shore. However, during the months of November to April, it is not advisable to visit the highlands of Guatemala. The temperature is most likely to drop, and ultimately chilling wind pays a visit during this time of the year at the mountainous area of the country.

Guatemala is blessed with so many natural treasures. It is abundant in mountains, volcanoes, lakes and beaches. You may be able to hike and take a peek inside the cone of the most climbed mountain in Guatemala known as the Pacaya Volcano. While trekking, take time to look at the panoramic view created by the mountains that surrounds the said volcano. After that hike, appreciate the beauty of volcanoes of Guatemala as seen from the Lake Atitlan. This lake is surrounded by vast volcanoes and magnificent mountains created by Mother Nature's own hands. You may also walk through the stunning tourist village near the lake - the village of Panajachel. Here you may experience the best local dishes as serve in the hotels near Lake Atitlan. As for the beaches, Guatamela has fine black sand beaches which are brought about by the spectacular volcanic nature of the country. The most popular beaches in Guatemala are Monterrico, Tilapa and Champerico.

There are a lot of places to visit in this country. Scenic spots in Guatemala do not only end in lush jungles, isolated beaches and steaming volcanoes. The ruins created by the Mayans, centuries ago, are best seen in the cities of Tikal and El Mirador. These huge architectures as made out of bricks and stones creating magnificent sturdy masterpieces. Mayans are trying their best to preserve what's left of their history.

Take home unique items and purchase unique items in Guatemala's shopping areas. Tons of handcrafted items can be bought at a very reasonable price. Most of these products are made by the Mayans, weaved and crafted with so much pride. If you want to have a souvenir of Mayan culture, then you can choose from a wide variety of tapestries, primitive paintings and wood carvings. They also sell authentic crystal, jade, silver jewellery and unique ceramics. Make sure you change your dollars into Quetzal, the Guatemalan currency, before hitting the shopping places of Guatemala.

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