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El Salvador Travel Guide

El Salvador, which means "The Savior", is a little country situated between Honduras and Guatemala. For years, it had been under the conflict of civil war which damaged a lot of properties as well as its natural attractions. But El Salvador is not striving very hard to establish tourism in its country to bring back the stunning country they once lived in.

Although El Salvador is still healing from the wounds of the war, tourists can still appreciate what was left of El Salvador. There are still existing untouched old churches, spectacular landscapes, wide rivers, environmental reserves and architectural ruins.

Convents and churches built by different religious orders are standing still and scattered everywhere. These are magnificent proof of the churriqueresque or the classic styles made by the ancient inhabitants of El Salvador. The architectural baroques' facades are usually adorned with unique carvings and distinct wall paintings. The most visited churches in El Salvador includes Candelaria Church of San Salvador, Our Lady of Pillar Church and Metapan Church located in San Vicente and of course the famous Sonsonate Church, a huge church that can be seen Huizucar in the Department of La Libertad. But out of the churches in El Salvador, only one stood out. It is the church of Panchimalco which is located at San Salvador. It is considered as the oldest church in El Salvador. Every year the locals celebrate feasts called The Palms Fair and The Dance of the Historian near the church of Panchimalco.

El Salvador is also known for its volcanic nature. More or less, there are 25 inactive volcanoes all over the country. All volcanoes have marks of lava flows from their wide craters. The volcano of San Salvador last erupted in 1917. And since then there are no signs that indicates that the volcano is still active. Aside from the mentioned volcano, there are also several volcanoes in El Salvador which tourists can hike such as Ilamatepec, Izalco, Tehutepec and Quetzaltepec.

Because of the two different volcanic eruptions in El Salvador, Lake Coatepeque was formed. It is called as the "hill of the serpents" because of its distinctive shape. This is the oldest lake in El Salvador and recognized as the most magnificent lake in the world.

This country brags their much loved beach - the Costa del Sol. It can be compared to the likes of Trinidad and Tobago beaches as well as Croatia beaches. From here, you may also witness the migratory birds flying to and fro in the mangroves as well as flying fishes. In the island of Tasajera, fishermen may teach you the traditional methods that they still use in order to catch fresh fish.

El Imposible is a huge refuge for more than 2000 different plant species and at least 300 kinds of birds. This is a subtropical dry forest located at the upper area of El Salvador. It can be very enjoyable hiking in the trails of El Imposible while you get mesmerized by the panoramic view of the lush forest and dramatic landscapes below.


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