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Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica is a paradise that lies between the two different bodies of water - the great Pacific Ocean and the marvelous Caribbean Sea. It has a lot of scenic spots just like its neighboring countries, Nicaragua and Panama. Costa Rica is one of the rare countries where you can feel so secure and people are living harmoniously with nature. It is the perfect place to be if you are lusting for adventure, scintillating culture, summer holiday and of course delectable cuisines made from the freshest ingredients. Costa Rica is the top travel choice for most tourists.

Tropical weather embraces Costa Rica all year-round. Winter season is never encountered in Costa Rica, only short wet season. But one can still enjoy the beautiful beaches and vast natural attractions of this country even if it is already rainy season in this country located in the middle of Western Hemisphere.

There are several natural attractions in Costa Rica including the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest, the Corcovado National Park and the Cano Negro. In the cloud forest of Monteverde, you may enjoy hiking on the trails surrounded by magnificent, huge trees and variety of unique plants. It is also a home for 450 local birds and foreign migrating birds from North America. Enjoy walking in the Bajo del Tigre Trail and take time to mesmerize the protected plant and bird habitat, which you can never find in modern cities anymore. On the other hand, the Cano Negro is a wildlife reserve where one can see distinct rare species of birds such as Needle Duck, Jaribu, Pink Spoonbill and the Neopolitan Cormorant. Lastly, the National Park of Corcovado is one of the exotic destinations in Costa Rica. The national park is made up of 2400 coastal hectares and every corner of it is definitely fascinating. It has wonderful rivers and waterfalls cascading on huge rocks and that flows throughout the park. The Corcovado National Park offers a diversity of forests such as mountain forests, cloud forests, marsh and jupati palm forests. You may also catch a glimpse of the largest tree in Costa Rica known as the Ceiba. You are a lucky traveler if you were able to set eyes on the endangered species protected by Corcovado National Park. There are at least six different kinds of feline in the park namely: puma, acelot, jaguarondi, jaguar, wild cats and margay.

Costa Rica is not only famous for its ecotourism but for its magnificent volcanoes as well. These volcanoes are usually seen at the northern part of the country. The most visited volcanoes are the Arenal, Poas, and Irazu. At night, you may witness slow lava coming out of the Arenal and yet, the almost perfect cone shape is still intact. Poas is a mountain with a very wide crater. As for the Irazu, it has a blue green lagoon and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are best viewed at the summit of the volcano. Some of these volcanoes are already inactive. Though they don't spew molten magma most of the time, you may still witness ejections of few ashes and steams.



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