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Belize Travel Guide

Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is the only English-speaking country in the region of Central America. Swamps, jungles, and land of mountains are the typical views that can be seen at Belize that helps a lot in the economic growth of the country. Caribbean Sea can be found in the eastern part of the country. The country is bounded by Mexico in the north and Guatemala in the west and south. Though its official language is English, others also speak Spanish, Mayan and Creole. In the north-central part of the country can be found the capital city of Belize called Belmopan.

As a part of Central America with tourism as its major source of foreign exchange, this tiny nation has absolutely a lot to offer. It is said that the best months to visit Belize is from december to may, as you'll experience drier season around these months. During these days, lots of guests take their vacation at Belize for a reason that the beauty of the country can be more appreciated through a visit to its dramatic ruins, caves, jungles and some diving activities to the country's major diving spots. Since most of the places at Belize are tourist attractions, hotels and resorts are everywhere where guests could stay. Hotel prices are on its peak during these busy months, unlike the months of June to November, its rainy season, where hotel rates are very affordable.

Ambergris Caye is the largest island and one of the popular attractions in Belize that can be found in the northeast part of the country near the Caribbean Sea. Water sports are the most popular activities that are done by tourists and residents here as its coastline is protected by the Barrier Reef. Certain areas of this island are good for snorkeling, fishing and scuba diving because of its healthy coral and marine life available for viewing. You'll be able to appreciate the beauty of the place more as golf carts are the only means of transportation in Ambergris Caye. Aside from Ambergris Caye, tourists are able to visit the popular Hol Chan Marine Reserve for scuba and snorkel opportunities.

Since an indigenous tribe of Mayas lived in Belize ever since Pre-classic era, most of their remains can still be seen in the area. In the Island of Ambergris Caye is the Marco Gonzales Archeological Site where 49 structures and walls created by Mayans can be found. Broken pottery and conch shells in enormous amounts are everywhere too. Aside from pottery and conch shells, jade and obsidian blades, as well as grinding tools are also found in the area.

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